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An arrest is a serious situation, and those charges can leave you with negative consequences long after the fact. That’s why you’ll need a Clearwater criminal defense attorney on your side: so you can best fight your criminal charges.

You might have been driving down Bay Boulevard, or maybe you were at home when you discovered that there was a warrant out for your arrest. If you haven’t already been arrested, which can be humiliating, you’re probably nervous about how to turn yourself in or what you’ll be charged with.

Unfortunately, a criminal case can haunt you if you don’t handle it correctly now. You need help through the whole process, from the warrant to the final verdict. Fortunately, that’s where an attorney from Hersem Law can come in.

A Clearwater criminal defense lawyer from our firm can fight back for you when you’re overwhelmed and struggling to defend yourself. You need compassion and an aggressive defense, and we can provide both. We’ll do all we can to get your charges dropped or reduced before your future is shaken.

Difference between Misdemeanors and Felonies

While a warrant is a warrant, knowing what you’ve been accused of will make a difference. Your defense attorney will need to know the details of your case so that you know what’s at stake and we know how to protect your freedom.

Felonies are the most serious charges, and these can impact you for some time. Often, this charge covers dangerous crimes that may put you in prison for more than a year. If someone else was or could have been injured by the crime, it’s likely a felony. Felonies may include the following:

Say instead, however, you were charged with a misdemeanor, which doesn’t seem so serious, right? Unfortunately, they can still haunt you. While you’ll usually serve less than a year in jail, you may also have other penalties, like community service and fines. These charges might not seem so severe, but the penalties can add up.

A misdemeanor may be one of these types of crimes, so call if you’ve been charged with these or similar crimes:

The Consequences Are Serious and Long-Term

Keep in mind, as your case begins, that the consequences for a conviction don’t end with your fines and jail time. Instead, you could be paying for a case for years, financially or otherwise.

For example, getting housing and a job isn’t easy when you’ve been labeled a felon. They’ll do a background check, and often, that’s the end of your interview process for that company or housing complex. While some places do hire people with criminal records, and some landlords will rent to them, your opportunities will be limited, and you might not be able to work in your field or live in your ideal neighborhood.

It can hurt your family and family life, too. A judge will consider your criminal record if you’re seeking custody, for example, especially if the charges were for violent crimes. As you’re preparing to defend yourself, keep in mind that not all the consequences are so obvious up front.

Dealing with an Arrest

Handling your criminal case will begin with your warrant. You might have received it earlier, if you weren’t pulled over and arrested, and you’re likely not sure what comes next. What do you do when you know you’re going to be arrested, and who can help?

First, it’s best to work with your defense attorney and the police to coordinate a quiet arrest. Otherwise, you could be arrested in class, at work, or in front of your neighbors. These options are embarrassing and frustrating, so you’ll want help from your attorney to avoid this situation.

Instead, your lawyer can talk to the police and negotiate your arrest. You can be taken from the office quietly, or even show up on your own terms at the police department, and you can have your lawyer ready to post your bail before you’re even booked. That way, you’ll minimize the time you’ll be sitting in a cell, waiting for your bail to be posted.

Who Can Help You?

You know having a lawyer on your side when you’re arrested helps, but how much can they do for a criminal case? Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of thinking that because their case seems simple, they don’t need a personal, experienced defense attorney on their side.

Unfortunately, those who try to fight back alone may be disappointed by the results. You won’t have access to all the resources needed to defend yourself, and you might not be taken as seriously without an experienced lawyer beside you.

While you might be thinking of teaming up with a public defender, you might not get the same help you need for a successful claim. That’s simply because a public defender may have several clients at once. That limits the personal touch they can give your claim, leaving you with a generic defense that may not be so successful. Our firm will ensure your case gets the attention it needs.

Clearwater Criminal Defense FAQ

Unfortunately, the period after an arrest can be complex and confusing. You’ve got questions, and you need a lawyer who can answer your questions today.

Our firm understands how difficult it can be to recover from a conviction, and chances are good you’ll need help making decisions and getting answers. If you’re struggling with your criminal case, reach out to a criminal defense lawyer for more answers.

Is fighting a misdemeanor worth it?

Yes. While a misdemeanor doesn’t seem so serious, it can still impact your life. From the fees and jail time to community service, you could be paying for a misdemeanor like a traffic ticket for a long time. Fight back before you’re charged with anything and protect yourself from that damage.

Should I speak to the police after my arrest?

Generally, it’s best you don’t. Anything you say can be used against you, after all, so your words could come back to bite you. Instead, take your questions and comments to an attorney. We’ll fight for your case and give you the understanding response you need after you’re charged.

Can I remove a conviction from my record?

While there are exceptions, some crimes can be expunged or sealed, meaning that the general public won’t be able to see your conviction. Unfortunately, this can take time, and you might already be facing the consequences. As such, it’s better to fight back now and have your charges dropped or lowered before they’re even placed on your record.

Talk to a Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney

When you’ve been accused of a crime, you’ll need to be prepared to fight back. Unfortunately, when it’s your future on the line, that’s easier said than done. You might be feeling overwhelmed and confused by your charges, so it’s understandable you have questions and concerns. If these aren’t answered, you could be left to deal with some major penalties.

That’s why you need a Clearwater lawyer from Hersem Law. We understand how serious your charges are, and we’ll fight to have them lowered or dropped. Start with a strategy session, and we’ll show you how we’ll defend your freedom and give you the help you need.

When you need a compassionate but firm lawyer, reach out to a Clearwater criminal defense lawyer. You need help, and we can get you the help you need. Getting started is simple. You just need to give us a call at 813-251-7291 or fill out the online form below.