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When you’re accused of a drug-related crime, it can hurt you now and in the future. Protect yourself by contacting a Clearwater drug attorney to get your charges reduced or dropped.

Drug charges are especially serious, as people are becoming more concerned about these substances’ effects. It’s not like dealing with a traffic ticket. Law enforcement officers have cracked down, where possible, on drug abuse in Clearwater and across the U.S. That means, unfortunately, that you may have been arrested on a drug charge, or maybe you’ve discovered that there’s a warrant out for your arrest.

Being accused of committing drug-related crimes is tough. You’re struggling to deal with the charges, and you’re not sure how to defend yourself. So, what can you do? It seems impossible to dispute the word of an officer, so you might feel like you have no options.

That’s why you need a Clearwater drug lawyer from Hersem Law. Our attorneys understand how difficult it can be to deal with drug-related charges and how confusing it can be. That’s why we’ll put up an aggressive fight for your case. You need your charges to be dropped or reduced, and we will do our best to help you do that. Reach out for help before your trial.  

Types of Drug Offenses

As laws surrounding drugs change, especially drugs like marijuana, it can be difficult to keep up with what charges you might face. As such, you might struggle to understand your Florida charges. Before you reach your trial, then, you’ll need to understand how the laws in Clearwater affect you and what you need to know to fight back.

While some changes have been made to allow marijuana use, Florida is still strict on other types of drugs, and even marijuana use is strictly controlled. So, if you’re charged with a crime relating to drugs, it will likely fall into a few categories:

  • Possession – If you’re found with drugs on your person, and you’re not legally allowed to have them, you could be arrested. This includes any prescription drugs you don’t have a prescription for, if they’re commonly abused.  
  • Sale – If you’re part of the sales process, you could be charged with a felony. Dealing is a serious offense, and keeping drugs off the streets is a priority for police officers. So, if you’re accused of selling drugs, you’ll need to be especially prepared to fight back.
  • Trafficking – You might be accused of carrying large amounts of drugs, which can land you in more serious trouble. While the amount varies depending on the type of drug, even a relatively small amount could land you with much higher fines than those accused of selling. You may also be given more jail time, so be ready to fight back if you’re accused of such a serious drug crime.
  • Manufacturing or Cultivating – While laws on cultivating medical marijuana have changed, you need permits to be considered legal. For other drugs, manufacturing is a major crime. If you’re accused of cultivating drugs, or if they believe you’re preparing drugs for sale, the charges may come with hefty consequences.

Common Defenses for Drug Charges

Once you’ve learned about the charges set against you, the next step will be finding the best defense for your case. You’ll need to know how to approach your case so you know what you’ll need to get those charges dropped.

For example, showing that the drugs simply weren’t yours may help you get your charges dropped. If you share your home or vehicle with someone else, they may have left illicit substances inside without your knowledge. However, you’ll need to show proof that you didn’t know about them.

In other cases, the officer might be in the wrong. For example, if they searched your car at a normal stop without permission, your Fourth Amendment rights may have been violated. In that case, any evidence they found against you can’t be used against you.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to decide what your case needs and how best to defend yourself. Your case will be unique, and you’ll need to prepare any evidence possible for your case. The good news is that our firm can take the stress away from you and fight on your behalf.

Why You Need a Drug Attorney

Unfortunately, many people assume that they don’t have a chance. No matter the specific circumstances, the police have evidence of them buying, selling, or otherwise involved with drugs. It might seem pointless to fight, but really it just means you need a lawyer more than ever.

When you’re struggling to deal with drug-related accusations, you’ll need help from a Clearwater defense attorney to prepare your evidence and fight for your case. You’ll need someone who understands your charges and knows what you need in order to fight back.

You might also be considering a public defender. They’re lawyers, too, and you may be thinking you’ll save a little money and still have a defense. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Public defenders have other clients to worry about at the same time, so they may not be able to give you the full attention your case needs. Instead, get a lawyer to help get your drug charges lowered or dropped.

Clearwater Drug FAQ

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to fight back against drug-related charges. You might be confused by the charges, and you may be unsure where to begin. Acting quickly and getting evidence to defend yourself is important, but it’s not easy to do alone.  

Fortunately, a drug attorney in Clearwater can help you fight back when you’re overwhelmed and unsure where to start. If you’re still struggling with your claim, see the FAQ below and then reach out to us for help.

I found information about my charges online. Why should I hire a lawyer?

Unfortunately, the information you find about criminal charges online can be misleading or outdated. If you rely on misleading or even incorrect information about your charges, you might be found guilty. With the help of a lawyer, you may be able to get those charges dropped instead.

How long will a conviction stay on my record?

While there are options for sealing or expunging charges on your record, they’re tough to get in Florida. If you’re eligible, a lawyer can help you seal your record, meaning the charges won’t appear on your public record.  

What do I do if there’s a warrant for my arrest?

If you find out there’s a warrant for your arrest, don’t panic. While an arrest can be public and embarrassing, a lawyer can help you avoid that. Speak to your attorney to plan your options for bail, and your lawyer will communicate with the police for a discreet arrest. You’ll remain there while you’re booked, and in most cases you’ll be able to leave once you’re in the system and your bail is paid.  

Speak to a Drug Lawyer in Clearwater

When you’re struggling with drug-related charges, you need experienced help to fight back for you. A drug conviction can leave you struggling to recover for years to come, so you’ll need an attorney from Hersem Law as soon as possible.

If you’re facing serious charges, you’ll need help to protect your degree, your job, or your family. So, reach out for help. Starting with a strategy session with our attorney, you’ll get the aggressive defense you need to get those charges covered.

If you’re dealing with a controlled substances case and you’re not sure where to turn, reach out to a Clearwater drug lawyer. Set up your strategy session today by calling 813-251-7291 or by completing the online form below.