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While public opinion is changing about weed, the law in Florida hasn’t yet, and that can hurt your future. Protect yourself with an attorney when you’re facing marijuana-related charges in Tampa.

It seems like every day, there’s more talk of states legalizing marijuana. Even Florida has legalized some forms of medical marijuana, which has been used to treat several conditions in recent years. That doesn’t mean it’s legal recreationally, however, which means that police officers are still strict about the use, cultivation, and sale of marijuana. Unfortunately, that may mean you’ve already been arrested or that there’s a warrant out for your arrest.

Dealing with drug charges isn’t easy. You might have been publicly arrested, which is embarrassing, and now you’re facing serious charges that could lead to jail time. Time in jail means facing even more indirect consequences, so you’ll need to fight your weed charges now to try to get them reduced or dropped.

That can be overwhelming. Your word might not seem to matter against a police officer’s, and you might not be familiar with the laws for your case. Worse, you might find outdated or inaccurate information online, which could hurt your case. What you’ll need instead is a Tampa marijuana lawyer’s help.

At Hersem Law, we understand how complex a criminal trial can be without experience and resources on your side. Fortunately, we’re ready to help you recover when you’re accused of a serious crime. Our defense attorney in Tampa will make sure you’re ready and able to fight back to defend your future.

Florida Marijuana Laws

Understanding your case means that you’ll also need to understand the Florida marijuana laws surrounding your case. You’ll need to understand how you could still suffer under Florida law. If you don’t fight back and get your charges dropped, your future could be put on hold for some time.

For example, most marijuana-related charges could land you with a misdemeanor or felony charge. When you need to work, support your family, or keep up with your schoolwork, these charges aren’t acceptable. You’ll be left with high fines and jail time, making it difficult to maintain your everyday life.

For a misdemeanor charge, your fines will cap at either $500 or $1,000, depending on whether you’re charged with a first- or second-degree misdemeanor. You can also expect up to sixty days in jail for more serious misdemeanors.

Unfortunately, it’s also easy to end up with a felony charge. Any factors that make the charge more serious can easily bump it up to the next class of offense. If you’re charged with a felony, you could end up with a maximum of thirty years in jail, and your fines will top out at $10,000. As difficult as these charges are, you’ll need to do what you can about them now.

Fighting Back against Your Charges

When you’re accused of an offense related to marijuana, you’ll need to fight back to protect yourself. A marijuana lawyer can help guide you if you’re struggling to find the right defense for your charges. For example, you might have been arrested for having weed, but you have a valid prescription in Florida. So, your lawyer might use this to your advantage.

In some cases, getting your charges dropped might call for proving that the evidence isn’t viable or that the officer was in the wrong. For example, the marijuana in question might not be marijuana, and a lab test could prove it. In other cases, the officer might have illegally searched your car or home. Illegal action typically means that the resulting evidence is useless.

Finding the right approach to your case can be tough, though. If you’re not familiar with Florida pot laws or common defenses, bad advice could leave you facing the full cost of the offense. Instead, work to get your charges dropped with a lawyer’s help.

Get Help from a Tampa Pot Lawyer

The laws on marijuana might be changing, but the consequences can still be serious. If you’ve been accused of a crime involving weed, it can hurt your record for years to come. Don’t face the consequences alone when you’re arrested for a weed-related crime.

Instead, seek out the help of an attorney from Hersem Law. With our lawyers on your side, you can get the aggressive defense you need to get your charges reduced or dropped entirely. We understand how difficult this time can be for you and your family. We want to see your case dropped, so we’ll fight to protect your future.

Start your fight by joining us for a strategy session. We’ll listen to your case, and we’ll decide the best way to approach your case in court. To start on getting your charges dismissed, reach out to a Tampa marijuana lawyer by calling 813-251-7291 or by filling out the online form below.

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