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Mr. Hersem took the time to evaluate and explain the nuances of my DUI charge and guide me through the daunting criminal and dmv licensing processes. Mr. Hersem kept in continual contact with me through each step of the way and prevailed in negotiating the dropping of all charges pending against me. I would recommend Mr. Hersem to anyone.

- Benjamin

Mr. Hersem is great, he helped me get points taken off my license. I have recommended him to many of my friends and family.

- Anonymous

Facing a DUI charge was not a comfortable place to be. Mr. Hersem clearly explained to me every aspect of my case and what needed to be done to get the best possible outcome. Furthermore, he executed what needed to be done to get that outcome. I feel grateful I had his help and expertise. I would highly recommend him to anyone facing a similar charge.

- Michael

Christoper Hersem did a great job for us. He solved a case that was 10 years old in our favor. Everything went fast and he was always answering quickly. We strongly recommend him.

- Anonymous

My lawyer was able to get my speeding ticket dismissed. This is the 2 time I’ve worked with Chris and I was satisfied both times. He is reliable with delivering reception results.

- Cierra

My wife had a speeding ticket for $278. She was mad and frustrated. I told her not to worry about it. Then I called Christopher and hired him to work on it. And about 5 weeks later,he was able to get the case dismissed. We’re very happy with the results. And will recommend anyone who needs this kind of services. Thanks again Christopher.

- Jason

We’ve been with Chris Hersem for 12 years now. He is someone we have trusted with the most difficult situations. Knowing we have him on our side is reassuring with any problems we have. Sometimes life’s a challenge and knowing he’s there makes it a little easier to handle!! We have recommended Chris to friends and family . Thank you Chris for all your time and care.

- Anonymous

I hired Chris to fight a speeding ticket. He did a great job. In fact, I completely forgot about the ticket alltogether until I received the follow up email from him telling me the good news. That was the best part. I’ve got too much going on in my life to worry about a ticket, but I just emailed a copy to Chris, paid him online, and forgot about it so I could use my energy for more productive things. Well worth it.

- Topher

Mr. Hersem represented me in an over 30 mph speeding ticket and knocked it out of the park for me. He was able to resolve the case in a timely manner, I was granted a “Withheld Adjudication” so no points were added to my driving record and I was also able to avoid paying any hefty fines or driving school! Anyone looking for an amazing attorney look no further, Mr. Hersem is your guy!

- Christopher

Chris Hersem handled my suspended license. He knew exactly what the process would be, its timing and the potential outcomes, and made sure I understood them. He subsequently got the best possible outcome exactly on schedule. As an attorney myself, I recognized a solid professional who knew his field. As a client I felt like I was in caring hands. I couldn’t recommend him more strongly.

- Bill

I was charged with a DUI late last year and Chris represented me. He was extremely helpful throughout the process and gave me realistic expectations of the outcome. Though it was extremely unlikely I walk away with minimum charges, he did a phenomenal job and was able to get my charges reduced to a dry reckless. Thank you Chris.

- Anonymous

Thank you for your outstanding help in my legal affairs. I truly think had I went with another lawyer the outcomes would have been much different.

- John

I had my first ticket, and it was a dozy but Chris made me very comfortable with the whole process. He was efficient, kind, and kept me in the loop. In short, he was perfect. I highly recommend him, and though I hope to never need his services again; I would not hesitate to hire him on again!

- Olajuwon

Again, I simply cannot thank you enough.  This situation made me feel like a common degenerate, and it was refreshing that you treated me so well and kindly without judgment.  I know it’s your profession, but after the way the police officer treated me and the things he threatened me with…I really was scared about the outcome.  Now my mind is at ease through your efforts.  So thanks, again…

- Lindsey

I found Chris to be responsive, honest, and easy to talk to. He was very careful to explain all the details of my case, and followed up with me every step of the way. I didn’t have to do anything except initial paperwork, and he called me the minute the case was resolved to give me the good news that it was dismissed. Can’t really ask for much more.

- Gary

My experience with becoming one of Mr. Hersem’s clients has been calming and reassuring that there is someone who knows what it takes to win your case. He kept me informed throughout the case. He was very honest about every procedure. His knowledge is proven with his success in the courtroom. I highly recommend Mr. Hersem’s legal services!

- Nicholas

Highly recommended! Chris did an outstanding job for me. He kept me fully informed on the progress of my case. He always followed through on any issues that arose. And most importantly, his exceptional work provided me with an optimal outcome. Trust Chris Hersem!

- Tom

Mr. Hersem did an excellent job getting my ticket thrown out! Both officers showed up at court and I had a prior ticket and he still got it thrown out! He was a pleasure to work with and really seemed to care about the situation I was in and getting it fixed!

- Anonymous

Chris was there when I needed him, made sure I understood everything. He was very knowledgeable and I trusted him 100%. Highly recommend!

- Kasey

Mr. Hersem is organized, extremely knowledgeable and efficient. It was a pleasure to work with somebody that I felt cared about my case and cared about me as a client and not just a paycheck. I would recommend him to anyone with confidence.

- Cj

I hired Mr. Hersem to appear the court on my behalf and he did a great job to resolve the issue. I really recommend him because of honesty and hardworking. He is very good in updating the status.

- Anonymous

Chris stood out from all the other lawyers when he answered my call on a SUNDAY afternoon when no one else would! Throughout this whole process he’s been a great communicator and lets you know what to expect from the start. Chris was able to get my citation dismissed so I am very please with these results and highly recommend him! I also never had to step foot in the courtroom so thanks Chris!

- James

I am very happy with the service I received from Christopher Hersem. Mr. Hersem followed through with everything he said he would do. He was professional and responsive handling my legal matters from start to finish and made the legal process as easy as possible for me. Truly grateful for the help!

- Stephen

Hired him to deal with (an unjust) traffic ticket for me. Initial conversation on the phone was clear and concise. He broke down the scenario and the likely results. Turned out even better than expected. Well done.

- Ryan

I have used Christopher two times, but this is my first review. Very nice and cooperative guy who gets the job done, and at a good rate. Two tickets dismissed in a few shorts months. Wholeheartedly recommend his service if you need help with traffic tickets.

- Jackson

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