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Tampa Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A speeding ticket can be a major drain on you financially, both directly and indirectly. Protect your wallet and your license by reaching out to a speeding ticket attorney in Tampa before you head to traffic court.

Most days, we don’t think much about speeding. Maybe you missed a speed limit sign, or maybe you thought that since you were the only one on the road, it wouldn’t really matter. Either way, a Tampa police officer or speeding camera spotted you, and now you’re dealing with a speeding ticket and need assistance from a Tampa traffic lawyer.

That can be tough to deal with. You’re not just dealing with the fines but other consequences that can harm your future. Therefore, you’ll need to fight back and try to get your charges dropped, but that’s tough to do alone.

Fortunately, a Tampa speeding ticket lawyer at Hersem Law can help. We’ll help you fight back when you’re unsure where to begin. Contact our attorneys when you’re struggling with your speeding ticket. We’ll make sure you get the right defense for your case and avoid long-term penalties.

Penalties for Speeding in Tampa

When you’re given a speeding ticket, you likely expect that you’ll be paying some fines. The costs of your speeding ticket will likely depend on the speed you’re accused of going and the speed limit. Unfortunately, a speeding ticket in Tampa can be expensive, often costing you hundreds of dollars.

If you plead guilty to your speeding ticket, the costs might be more than the fines you’ll need to pay. For example, it can affect your insurance premiums in the future. Insurance companies typically check your driving record, making sure that there are no incidents on your record. Unfortunately, even a speeding ticket can hurt your future premiums.

What Is the Points System in Florida?

Unfortunately, the penalties for your speeding ticket do not end when you pay your fines. Instead, you’ll also have points placed on your license, and these points can affect you in the future through further penalties.

When you plead guilty to a ticket, you are given points relative to the type of offense. For those with a speeding ticket, the number of points you’ll receive for a ticket will depend on how far over the speed limit you were clocked at. For example, in Tampa, if you’re simply cited for speeding, you’ll receive three points on your license. For speeding over 50 mph, you’ll receive four points on your license.

If these points build up over a short period, your license can be suspended. So, if you receive twelve points in twelve months, your license will likely be suspended for one month. For eighteen points in eighteen months, you’ll usually be suspended for three months, and twenty-four points in a span of thirty-six months could leave you unable to drive for a year.

Being unable to drive in Tampa leaves you struggling to get transportation from public transit or friends, which makes things difficult. You’re still left with all your auto expenses, such as insurance, but now you’ll have these other expenses as well. This is why you shouldn’t just pay the fines. Instead, you’ll need to contact an attorney and defend yourself from these expenses.

Common Defenses for Speeding in Tampa

When you’re struggling to deal with a speeding ticket, you need to have the right defense prepared. Many people rely on advice from websites about traffic tickets, but unfortunately, that can hurt your case.

For example, some info online may focus on disputing minor errors on the ticket. Unless these errors are major, such as stating you were in a completely different location, these errors won’t get your speeding ticket thrown out. The court will simply correct it and move on.

Instead, you’ll need to focus on the best defense for your case. Your speeding ticket lawyer might focus on why you were speeding, especially if it was an emergency. In other cases, they may focus on whether the officer was properly trained to use the speed detectors and whether these tools were properly calibrated.

Speeding Laws for Tampa Residents

Keep in mind that there is some difference between the absolute posted speed and the basic speed rule, which could change your ticket. First, the absolute speed limit is the one you’ll see posted on the roadside. This limit cannot be affected, so if it says the speed limit is 40 mph, anything over will usually get you a ticket.

The basic speed law, however, states that you’ll need to drive at a speed safe for the conditions. So, if you’re going the speed limit, but it’s raining heavily, you might be pulled over anyway. In a situation like this, you may need to push back by proving you weren’t driving at a dangerous speed for the conditions.


Connect with a Tampa Speeding Ticket Attorney

When you receive a speeding ticket, you’ll need to take action. Unfortunately, if you’re not familiar with the laws that govern your case, you have less of a chance of getting your charges dropped or reduced. That can be difficult, and accepting the consequences is already serious. That’s why you’ll need a speeding lawyer from Hersem Law to help you defend yourself.

Getting a speeding ticket attorney on your side is important. You’ll need experience and knowledge to oppose your ticket, and you’ll find those with our attorney. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s no problem. Simply talk to us during your strategy session so you know what we can do to work for you.

Ready to get started and get peace of mind after a speeding ticket? Reach out for help from a Tampa speeding ticket lawyer by calling 813-251-7291 or by completing the online form below.

Tampa Speeding Ticket FAQ

When you’re pulled over and given a speeding ticket, there’s a good chance that you have a lot of questions. You want to know the best way to fight your ticket and avoid the serious consequences that could follow a guilty plea. Fortunately, a speeding ticket lawyer in Tampa can help. You’ll need someone with answers who can help you get your ticket dismissed. Bring your questions to the right Tampa lawyer. See the questions below and then call our offices if you need more answers.

I was ticketed by a speeding camera in Tampa. Can I fight back?

Speed cameras might deter speeding well, but they’re not perfect. While the footage should be reviewed in court, you’re not arguing with an officer, so the trial might be a little different from your typical day in traffic court. If you’re ticketed by a speed camera, your lawyer might focus on proving that the camera malfunctioned or was on at the wrong time. For example, cameras used in school zones might ticket you after hours or during the summer, when the speed limit should have changed.

What’s the time limit on disputing my speeding ticket?

Once you’ve received your speeding ticket, you’ll need to go to the courthouse in the Florida county you were ticketed in. You’ll only have thirty days to dispute your ticket and set a court date, however. Follow the instructions on the back of your ticket and contact a lawyer to dispute it.

Will a speeding ticket affect my insurance premiums?

Unfortunately, not all speeding ticket penalties are direct. In some cases, you might not realize you’ve been penalized until you see your insurance rates. Your insurance company changes your rates depending on whether you’ve shown yourself to be a good driver. That means they may raise your rates because of the ticket.

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