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Can I Lose My License for Speeding in Florida?


When you see those lights flashing in your rearview mirror, you’re probably a little worried about your license. That’s especially true if you believe the officer will charge you with speeding, which can come with serious penalties at higher speeds.

You’ll probably have several questions about speeding tickets going through your head, including one especially important question: “Can I lose my license for speeding in Florida?”

Sadly, there are cases where you could lose your license for some time, if you fail to defend your case and fight to get a dismissal. Fortunately, the right Florida lawyer can help you. When your license is in danger, you’ll need to act now to protect it.

Florida’s Points System

When you’re given a traffic ticket of any kind, you know you’re facing fines, but what about points on your license? Many drivers may not be as familiar with the points system, especially since it typically doesn’t immediately affect your license.

Instead, your traffic ticket points build up over time. Each moving violation is worth a different number of points. As those points accrue, you may lose your license if they reach certain totals.

For example, you may lose your license for one month if you accumulate twelve points within a single twelve-month span. Eighteen points in eighteen months will lead to a three-month suspension, and if you receive twenty-four points in only thirty-six months, your license will be suspended for a year.

If you already have points on your license, speeding can lead to a suspension. Speeding only adds three points to your license, and speeding over 50 mph will add four, but these points build up. Because that buildup can leave you relying on others, it’s important to fight back now to get your ticket dismissed.

Defending Your Speeding Case

Because speeding can lead to a license suspension, it’s best not to ignore those points on your license. Even if this ticket is your first, it’s best to fight your Florida ticket now and protect your license for the future.

Once you’ve pleaded not guilty to your case, you’ll then need to fight back to defend yourself. How you’ll do this, however, will depend on your case. Your Florida lawyer will review your case with you and seek out evidence, like signs of duress or speeding to avoid danger. Once they find the right defense to your case, they’ll help you defend yourself and ideally protect your license.

Defend Your Driver’s License with a Lawyer’s Help

When you’re accused of speeding, you may already know that hefty fines are possibly in your future. However, you may also be asking, “Can I lose my license for speeding in Florida?”

Unfortunately, there’s a chance that your driver’s license could be in danger. And even if you manage to keep your license, your insurance costs can increase drastically if you plead guilty to a speeding ticket.

You have a chance to fight back, though, so you’ll just need to act quickly to protect your future. That’s where a lawyer from Hersem Law can step in.

Our attorneys understand how difficult it can be to dispute a speeding ticket, so we’re here to help, starting with a free strategy session. We’ll review your case and help you find the best defense for you.

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