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How Will a Florida Traffic Ticket Affect My Car Insurance?

When you’ve been pulled over, a traffic ticket might be frustrating, but it may seem like a short-term concern. Unfortunately, a Florida traffic ticket can have lasting effects on many aspects of your life, including your auto insurance policy.

At Hersem Law, we can help you answer your questions about moving violations, such as, “How will a Florida traffic ticket affect my car insurance?” If you have questions, seek out the answers you need before you take your case to court or pay your traffic ticket.

Your Insurance Rate Could Increase

Sadly, a traffic ticket can have financial consequences beyond the fines you’ll pay. Your insurance company may increase your premiums, making it more difficult to afford your car insurance. Accepting fault for a moving violation indicates to your insurer that you may have been driving unsafely, which to them means you may be more likely to cause an auto accident.

More points on your license can also affect your driving privileges. If you accrue twelve points within twelve months in Florida, you could have your license suspended for a month. More points within certain time frames can result in longer suspensions—up to one year. That can also affect your insurance, and it could leave you paying for a more expensive insurance policy, even while you’re unable to drive.

Avoiding Car Insurance Issues

That’s why it’s so important to fight back when you’re accused of a moving violation. Keep in mind that while you’ll need to respond to the traffic ticket quickly, you don’t have to pay the fine right away. Doing so is like pleading guilty, which means you could soon be facing other consequences.

Instead, you’ll need to contact an attorney about fighting your ticket. You’ll have a chance to present evidence that you weren’t guilty of a moving violation. Fighting back can help you avoid long-term penalties and protect your future finances.

Contact an Attorney about Your Traffic Ticket

Fortunately, you’ll have an opportunity to fight your ticket before your insurance rates are affected. These rates can impact your financial health for years after the traffic ticket, so you’ll need to contact a Florida lawyer like those at Hersem Law to help you take action now.

We can help you get the answers you’re looking for, such as how a Florida traffic ticket will affect your car insurance. Our firm is proud to offer free strategy sessions where we can discuss your ticket and help you get your ticket dismissed.

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