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Tampa Speeding Ticket FAQ

When you’re pulled over for speeding in Tampa, chances are good that you have a few questions about your case. You want to fight your speeding ticket, but you might have questions unique to your case.

While a Tampa speeding ticket FAQ can help, a Tampa speeding ticket lawyer from Hersem Law can answer the questions unique to your case. If you’re struggling to fight your ticket, reach out for the answers you need.

There’s a mistake on my speeding ticket. Can the ticket be thrown out?

Unfortunately, it might not be so simple to throw out your speeding ticket. Officers are human, too, which means they may make a small mistake, like listing the wrong year or color for your car. Clerical errors like these are usually fixed and the case proceeds.

However, a major mistake can make a difference. For example, the officer may have written that you were in a completely different area than the location you were pulled over. Because the speed limits may have changed over these different areas, you may be able to fight your speeding ticket on these grounds.

Will my Florida license be suspended for speeding?

If you don’t have any points on your license, a typical stop won’t leave you without your license. Each moving violation is worth a certain amount of points, however, and if you’re nearing twelve points within the last twelve months, you may be at risk of losing your license.

In Florida, your license can be suspended at the following points:

  • Twelve Points in Twelve Months – A one-month suspension
  • Eighteen Points in Eighteen Months – A three-month suspension
  • Twenty-Four Points in Thirty-Six Months – A one-year suspension

It’s time to consider the amount of points you have and start thinking about fighting back. Repeat violations and a suspension can leave you unable to get to work or around town, and it can impact your insurance costs, so make sure you fight back now.

What’s the difference between absolute and basic speed law?

Absolute speed law refers to what you see on the speed limit sign. This law states that if you’re driving over the posted speed limit at all, you may be pulled over and given a speeding ticket by a police officer. However, not every case is so simple.

Basic speed law applies to the speeds that are safe for the conditions. You may have been driving within the speed limit, but driving the speed limit may not be safe. For example, you might have been on a highway when a Florida storm hit. Because you were maintaining the speed limit, an officer gave you a ticket. In these cases, you’ll need to prove that you were still driving safely for the conditions.  

Contact a Speeding Ticket Lawyer for Answers

When you’re accused of speeding in Tampa, the consequences can be serious. A ticket may come with hefty fines or even a license suspension, now or in the future. Unfortunately, you may not understand the laws surrounding your Tampa speeding case.

That’s what our lawyers at Hersem Law are for. Our Tampa speeding ticket FAQ can help you get started, but you need specific answers on how you can fight back to get your particular speeding ticket dropped. Fortunately, we can answer your questions.

Still have questions? Reach out for a free strategy session with a Tampa ticket attorney who can get you the answers you need. To speak to your lawyer, call us at 813-251-7291 or fill out the online form below.