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  • “Mr. Hersem never faltered. He was compassionate, professional, tenacious, punctual…from day one. Don’t hesitate. Get Chris in your corner.” - Kristin

  • “Chris made me very comfortable with the whole ticket process. He was efficient, kind, and kept me in the loop. In short, he was perfect.” - Olajuwon

  • “Mr. Hersem did an excellent job getting my ticket thrown out! He was a pleasure to work with.” - Anonymous

  • “Mr. Hersem represented me in an over 30 mph speeding ticket and knocked it out of the park for me. No points were added to my driving record and I was able to avoid paying any hefty fines or driving school!” - Christopher

  • “My situation made me feel like a common degenerate, and it was refreshing that Chris treated me so well and kindly without judgment.” - Lindsey


About Hersem Law

A Full-Service Tampa Law Firm

Hersem Law is a full-service law firm representing diverse criminal defense, traffic ticket, and personal injury law clients throughout the Tampa Bay area. We are a unique firm in that we offer the high-quality legal services you expect from the larger firms but maintain the affordable cost and personalized attention that distinguish the best boutique firms.

Our combination of criminal and personal injury law experience allows us to understand all of our clients’ needs and ensure their objectives are met and their expectations exceeded. We’re always working toward the most effective, immediate resolution while taking precautions to avoid all potential problems.

When you work with our law firm, you won’t have to wonder about the status of your case because we’ll communicate with you regularly. You won’t have to worry that no one is looking out for you because we’ll have your back at every turn. Let us do the legal work for you so you can get back to your life with as little stress as possible.

For your criminal defense, traffic ticket, and personal injury law needs in the Tampa Bay area, we’re here for you. We’re focused on you and driven by success. Let us prove it to you.

With convenient locations in both Tampa and Clearwater, we are your number one legal resource for the Tampa Bay area. Contact us now for a free initial consultation and strategy session with an experienced Tampa criminal defense attorney.

About Founder Christopher Hersem

Born and raised in Clearwater, Christopher Hersem is a native Floridian. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and his law degree from Stetson University College of Law. While at Stetson, Chris earned a Concentration in Advocacy and several awards for outstanding service.

After graduation, Chris continued honing his trial skills and practice abilities by working as an assistant public defender for the 6th Judicial Circuit.

To get Chris on your side as you tackle your legal issue, give Hersem Law a call.

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“No matter what type of legal problem you’re facing, Hersem Law can do the legal work so you can get back to your life with as little stress and worry as possible. We’re focused on you and driven by success. Let us prove it to you.”




The Hersem Law Difference

A Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer on Your Side

In-depth experience. A winning record. Personalized attention. Affordable cost. A legal team that really cares. Those are some of the qualities that set Hersem Law apart from the other Tampa criminal defense and traffic ticket firms.

We’re proud of what we offer our clients and our winning record, of course, but you don’t have to take it from us. Just check out our reviews from our countless happy clients. The cases we handled for each of those satisfied clients were personal to us. We treat our clients like family.

Why do we do that? Because we know you’re going through a tough time. You’re worried and stressed, and your uncertain about the future. We’re here to greet you with a handshake and a hug, and then we’ll get down to business.

We’ll start the process by discussing your situation during a free consultation. This is when we listen to everything you have to say, examine the possible evidence, give you an honest, straightforward opinion on your options, and begin formulating a plan to get you where you need to be.

Our criminal and personal injury law experience allows us to understand all of our clients' needs and ensure their objectives are met.


When it comes to choosing an attorney, awards and distinctions aren’t everything, but they certainly help. Attorney Christopher Hersem has a 10.0 Avvo rating, received the Avvo Clients’ Choice Award in 2018, and was ranked the #1 Tampa Bay DUI attorney in Tampa Magazine.



If you partner with Hersem Law, your case will be our top concern. We’ll consider the unique details of your situation and form a plan of action that is personalized to you. Your goals will become our goals, and we’ll work tirelessly to achieve them.



In any legal case—whether it’s as minor as a speeding ticket or as serious as a felony charge—communication with your lawyer is key to your understanding and ability to make sound, informed decisions. That’s why we promise to update you every step of the way.

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Why Work with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Tampa?

If you’ve received a traffic ticket, your first instinct may be to pay the fine and move on. If you’ve gotten a DUI, you may just want to put it behind you. If you’ve been charged with a serious crime, you may think you should opt for a public defender and save a few bucks.

We’re here to tell you that working with a top-rated criminal and traffic attorney in Tampa can save you tons of grief and stress.

Take, for instance, a simple speeding ticket. Did you consider that paying the fine means you’re pleading guilty? And did you know that your auto insurance costs could increase for years as a result?

What about criminal charges? Working with a public defender can leave you in hot water because these attorneys are often loaded down with other cases. They can’t always give yours the attention it deserves. Unfortunately, the result can be a criminal conviction that sticks with you for life.

At Hersem Law, we’ll fight hard for you and do everything we can to protect your freedom and wellbeing.

How We Can Help You

If you’re going to work with an experienced Tampa criminal defense attorney at Hersem Law, we know you’re going to want to know exactly how we’re going to help you. There’s a lot riding on this, and you want to make sure you’re putting your case in good hands.

We provide comprehensive legal representation to our clients. Every case type will require a different approach, but many of the basics are the same. During your free strategy session, we’ll go over the basics of your case and get your side of the story. From there, we’ll plan your next steps.

Whether you’re dealing with a DUI charge or a personal injury lawsuit, it will be your attorney’s job to gather evidence. For instance, if you’ve been charged with drunk driving, we may start by examining the breath test the police officer used. It’s possible that the test was inaccurate. Similarly, we may examine the police radar if you’ve gotten a speeding ticket.

The bottom line is that we’ll be here for you from the moment you request a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney to the moment your case is resolved. For more information on specific case types, see below.


In Florida, the penalties for drunk driving are severe. At a minimum, you’ll face hundreds of dollars in fines. At worst, you could go to jail or prison for DUI-related charges. That’s not to mention the fact that a DUI could leave you without a drivers license and with limited job prospects.


Criminal traffic violations go far beyond DUIs. You could face criminal penalties for many other types of traffic violations, including reckless driving, being a habitual traffic offender, leaving the scene of a serious accident, and driving without a license, among others.

It’s critical that you understand that criminal traffic offenses in Tampa are not the same as simple speeding tickets. These are offenses that could leave you struggling to pay steep fines, unable to legally drive, or in jail.

Fortunately, your Tampa criminal traffic defense lawyer at Hersem Law is ready to help you identify a winning defense strategy to beat your charges. No matter how hopeless the situation seems now, we can help.


Drug charges are some of the most common criminal violations we see in Tampa. From marijuana possession to methamphetamine manufacturing, all drug charges are serious, and a conviction can have severe, long-term impacts on your life.

That’s why it’s so important to call a defense attorney in Tampa as soon as possible after you’ve been charged with a drug offense. When we get your call, we’ll immediately get to work and start looking for ways to poke holes in the prosecution’s case against you.

Being charged with a drug-related crime in Tampa can leave you feeling like there’s no hope, but this is not the time to give up—it’s the time to call a lawyer. We’ll work tirelessly to get your drug charges reduced or dropped.


Seeing those blue lights in your rearview mirror is never a good feeling. Your immediate fear of getting a traffic ticket may be followed by financial anxiety and worry that you’re going to lose your drivers license. Unfortunately, those are very real possibilities.

We almost always advise against paying the fines for a moving violation without fighting the ticket first. That’s because paying the fine is an admission of guilt, and you can’t really go back from that.

However, a traffic ticket attorney at our Tampa criminal law firm can help you fight your ticket in traffic court. Using the evidence and our years of legal experience, we’ll build a strong defense for you.

Tampa Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions

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Should I fight a misdemeanor charge in Tampa?

A lot of people think misdemeanor charges are not all that serious, but that’s not true. Misdemeanor convictions taint your criminal record and show up on background checks. They can also make future charges more serious and result in jail time. A defense attorney in Tampa can help you fight your misdemeanor charge.

Will I lose my drivers license if I get a traffic ticket?

Losing your license is a possibility if you get enough traffic and speeding tickets in a certain amount of time. Twelve points on your driving record in twelve months will result in a license suspension of thirty days, for example. These time frames can go longer, and points can add up quickly if you receive multiple citations in one traffic stop. A qualified lawyer can help you keep your drivers license.

Do you only take clients from Tampa?

The team at Hersem Law serves the whole Tampa Bay area, including Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg. We assist clients with a wide variety of legal matters, including traffic tickets, DUIs, and criminal defense. We also handle personal injury cases.

Should I speak to the police after I’m arrested?

In almost every case, it’s best to ask for a Tampa defense lawyer before you speak to the police. That’s because your attorney can make sure you don’t accidentally say something that could incriminate you and protect you from police interrogation tactics designed to make you slip up or say something that could make you situation a whole lot worse.

Do I have to pay for a consultation with a Tampa criminal defense attorney?

Not if you schedule a strategy session with Hersem Law. Our initial consultations are completely free. It’s time to take charge of your situation and do what you have to do to beat the charges you’re facing. Reach out to a Tampa criminal defense lawyer at our firm today. Give us a call at 813-251-7291 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page.

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