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Tampa Warrant Lawyer

Just found out you were issued a warrant in Tampa? Not sure where to turn? Work with a Tampa attorney to make the warrant process as easy and painless as possible.

If you know that there’s a warrant out for your arrest, it can take a heavy mental toll. You know the police are looking for you, and that means you could have a messy, public arrest. You might be at home, on the road, or even at work when you’re arrested. Even if your charges are dropped, that’s humiliating.

So, seek out a Tampa warrant lawyer from Hersem Law. You’ll need someone to ease the difficulty of the arrest process, making things as easy as possible on you.

Types of Warrants

Understanding your warrant will be the first step to dealing with that warrant. Your warrant attorney will need to know what happened and why a warrant has been issued—perhaps for drugs, a DUI, or even extreme speeding. Knowing that, we can help you properly deal with your warrant.

In Florida, you’ll generally face one of two type of warrants: an arrest warrant and a bench warrant. While both warrants will be carried out by police officers, the difference can help your lawyer determine the best way to proceed with your bail and arrest.

So, if you’ve found out that you have a warrant out for your arrest, don’t panic. Instead, speak to your attorney about your warrant and what it means for you.

Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant is what we typically think of when we think of a warrant. These warrants are specifically for the arrest of a person as a suspect of a crime. So, if law enforcement believes you were the one responsible, perhaps through eyewitnesses, surveillance footage, or other evidence from the scene, they may take this evidence to a judge.

An impartial judge should review their evidence and decide whether the person they’ve indicated (you) more than likely committed the crime. If the judge decides it’s likely, they’ll sign the arrest warrant, which allows the police officers to arrest you.

Often, these warrants have restrictions, such as at what times you may be approached or what your bail should be. Your attorney will review your warrant and take these details into consideration for you.

Bench Warrants

Unlike an arrest warrant, a bench warrant doesn’t come from a police officer’s request, and it doesn’t come directly from a crime. Instead, a bench warrant is issued when you’ve been accused of breaking a rule in court. Usually, it’s because you failed to appear in court.

These warrants will still be carried out by the police, but they’ll come straight from the judge’s bench, which is where the name comes from. In these cases, keep in mind that they may specify that you can’t be released on bail at all.

Fortunately, your lawyer can help you deal with this type of warrant, too. Since you may not even have the option for bail, based on your warrant, you’ll need someone on your side to limit the impact of your arrest.

Dealing with Your Warrant

When you find out that there’s a warrant out for your arrest, you’ll want to contact a warrant lawyer in Tampa as soon as possible. Because you could be arrested for your warrant anywhere, you’ll want to work out the details before your arrest.

Generally, the best way to deal with a warrant is to surrender yourself. You’ll be taken to jail, where you’ll wait while you’re booked. Once the booking is done and your bail is set, you’ll be released as soon as your bail is posted. You’ll receive information about your court date before you leave.

While a criminal defense lawyer in Tampa can’t stop the arrest, they can make it as easy as possible for you. They’ll speak to the police for an easy, discreet arrest, and they’ll arrange your bail so you’re not stuck in jail for long after you’re booked.

Seek Out a Tampa Warrant Attorney

Getting arrested is never easy, but it can be easier with the right lawyer. At Hersem Law, we want to make this stressful time as easy as possible for you. You’ll need help dealing with your warrant, whether an arrest warrant or a bench warrant, and you’ll need to get out of there as soon as possible.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. If you’ve found out about a warrant for your arrest, seek out a Hersem Law attorney to discuss your situation. We’ll discuss how we can help with your warrant during our strategy session, and then we’ll act quickly to protect your freedom.

If you’re concerned about your next steps after finding out about your warrant, seek out a Tampa warrant lawyer for the help you need. Give us a call at 813-251-7291 or fill out the online form below.