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An arrest for a weed-related offense can leave you struggling to recover, even after you’ve finished your jail sentence or paid your fines. A Clearwater defense attorney can help you fight to get your charges dropped.

After you’ve been arrested in Clearwater for a crime involving marijuana, it can be tough to return to life as it once was. If you’re convicted, you might be facing severe consequences based on the offense and the amount of marijuana involved. Unfortunately, while medical marijuana has been legalized in many places, you might still have trouble getting your charges dropped.

That’s why you’ll need all the help you can get to see what can be done about getting your charges reduced or dropped. Because drugs of any kind are closely monitored and harshly punished, you may need help getting your case dismissed. As such, you may need a Clearwater marijuana lawyer from Hersem Law. An attorney can help you prepare the defense you need to fight back against your weed-related charges.

Penalties for Marijuana-Related Charges

Unfortunately, the penalties for marijuana offenses can be steep. While the laws are changing regularly, recreational use is still not permitted in Florida, and as such, the costs for these crimes can haunt you for years after your case is closed.

One of your first concerns may be the jail time involved with a sentence. Unfortunately, even possession of less than twenty grams is still grounds for a first-degree misdemeanor. Possession of a few grams could leave you with up to one year in jail. If you were accused of carrying more than twenty-five pounds of weed, you may be charged with trafficking, which could mean three years in jail.

Unfortunately, your freedom won’t be the only cost if you don’t fight to get your charges changed or dropped. The fines may be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So, even when you’ve finished your sentence, you might still be facing debt from the fines from your conviction. That’s why it’s best to fight back now, instead of letting a conviction threaten your future.

Long-Term Effects of Misdemeanors or Felonies

Unfortunately, a misdemeanor or felony charge doesn’t end when you’ve been released from jail or paid your fines. Instead, your sentence might also have long-term social consequences that can haunt you for the rest of your life.

For example, your housing or employment can be affected by a felony charge. Both employers and housing providers often do a background check to make sure any potential employees or residents haven’t been convicted of any crimes. Unfortunately, that can limit your job and housing opportunities. You may have to settle for less-ideal options.

Unfortunately, even your family could be affected by your charges. Your spouse may be able to use your conviction to their advantage in the case of a separation, especially if you haven’t made a custody arrangement with them.

Because a marijuana conviction can hurt you on so many levels, you’ll need to fight back to protect yourself and your future.

Defenses for Your Marijuana Case

When it comes to defending your case, the best options for you will depend on the situation. How the police handled the arrest will make a difference and can sometimes be turned to your advantage.

For example, let’s say you were pulled over, and when they searched your car, they found weed inside. However, they didn’t have probable cause to search your car, meaning they didn’t have a reason to suspect you were carrying marijuana. Because they violated that right, the case may be dropped.

In some cases, you might not have even known about the drugs. Whether you were borrowing a friend’s car, or whether your roommate had stashed away some illicit substances in your shared apartment, you might have been around the drugs without knowing it. In these cases, you and your lawyer will need to prove you weren’t aware of the drugs and that they’re not yours.

Defend Yourself with Help from a Clearwater Marijuana Attorney

Unfortunately, defending yourself against marijuana-related offenses isn’t always easy. You’re struggling with an arrest, and you may simply not know how to get the evidence you need to defend yourself. That’s where a Clearwater criminal defense attorney from Hersem Law can help.

You may need access to tools and defense strategies that can help you get your charges reduced or case dismissed, and your Clearwater drug lawyer may have those tools. If you’re struggling to get the evidence you need to prove you weren’t breaking any weed laws, you may need to contact our lawyers for a strategy session. We’ll discuss your case and what we can do to help you build a strong defense.

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