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Clearwater Traffic Ticket Lawyer

A traffic ticket can set you back hundreds of dollars and more if you don’t fight back. To protect yourself from future expenses and trouble, reach out for a Clearwater traffic ticket attorney’s help.

One moment you’re easing through traffic, and you’re ready to be home. Next thing you know, though, there are flashing lights in your rearview mirror, and you’re handed a traffic ticket. You might not even be sure that you did anything wrong. You just know that you’ll need to pay or show up in court.

That’s a frustrating, upsetting experience. You were careful, but now you’re stuck paying some hefty fines. Even just paying it can leave you dealing with worse consequences in the future, so you’ll need to fight back now if you want to avoid a spike in your auto insurance costs and the many other hardships that can come with traffic tickets. To do so, reach out for help from a Clearwater attorney at Hersem Law.

When you’re threatened by the high fines that come with a ticket, seek out a Clearwater traffic ticket lawyer. Dealing with these fines is tough, but you have a chance to avoid them and protect your future.

Penalties for Moving Violations

When you’re pulled over, you’ll need to take a look at what you’ve been accused of and get ready to fight back. The consequences might seem minor and unavoidable, but they add up quickly.

For example, you can expect to drop at least a hundred dollars on the fines that come with a traffic ticket in Clearwater. More serious violations, like leaving the scene of an accident, can be even more expensive, which leaves you struggling with the costs. If you don’t pay off that ticket on time, you could be penalized further.

Even if you choose to save on the costs of a ticket and take driving school classes, there are still costs. While you won’t get points on your license, you’ll still have to devote some time to those classes. If you don’t attend them, you could be in even more trouble.

What Is the Points System?

So, what about the points on your license? You might have already had some before and didn’t see a change, so what do they do? Unfortunately, while they don’t affect your license right away, they can hurt you in the future.

Every traffic violation is worth a certain number of points, most of them falling between three and six points. When you plead guilty to a moving violation and pay the ticket, you’ll receive the corresponding number of points. For example, failing to buckle your seatbelt may put three points on your license.

These points add up over time, and they can leave you with a license suspension. If you receive twelve points in a twelve-month span, for example, your license can be suspended for thirty days. The more points you receive in the span of a few months, the longer your suspension will be. Some result in a license suspension of up to a year.

Getting your license suspended puts you in a difficult place. You need to be able to drive to work or class, and being unable to puts much more stress on you than necessary. You’ll be left relying on family members or public transportation to get you anywhere, and those expenses will add up. Instead, reach out for help disputing your Clearwater traffic ticket.

Who Can Help with a Traffic Ticket?

The consequences of a traffic ticket can be difficult to recover from, but what can you do about them? You may be struggling to understand all the penalties you could face, and preparing a defense is even tougher. That’s why you’ll need a lawyer.

When you’re facing a traffic ticket, it may seem easiest to just plead guilty. It’s your word against a police officer’s who might be in traffic court on a regular basis. It can feel a little hopeless to fight back, so you might be thinking of just paying it and dealing with the penalties.

That means more than ever, however, that you need a lawyer on your side. You need someone with compassion and care for your case, but you’ll also need an aggressive defense. Getting a traffic ticket dismissed isn’t easy on your own. Fortunately, getting someone on your side can help.

Getting the Right Representation

What about a public defender? These lawyers have experience in the courtroom, and you might be considering them because they seem cheaper than a traffic ticket lawyer. That doesn’t mean you’re getting the same quality defense, however.

While a public defender is better than fighting your case alone, they can’t give you the same attention your own attorney can. They have other clients who need them, so they can’t give your case as much personalized attention. If you don’t have the right help, you might still be left dealing with your ticket at the end of the day anyway. Speak to a defense attorney about what they can do to get your ticket dismissed.

Defenses for Your Traffic Ticket

Once you’ve gotten the right defense attorney on your side, you’ll need to focus your attention on finding the right defense. Your lawyer will tailor your defense to fit the details of your moving violation case and fight back for you.

In many cases, proving that you weren’t in the wrong is key to getting your ticket dismissed. For example, you might have been pulled over for speeding or failing to yield or stop. In some cases, the sign might have been obscured or removed completely, so you and your attorney will need to show that you couldn’t have known you were breaking the law.

Otherwise, you might dispute the tools the officer used. Speed-testing equipment is delicate, and if in your situation it hadn’t been calibrated properly, your ticket might be dismissed. Mistakes of fact can happen, and your defense attorney can help you find them.

Once you and your lawyer determine the direction to take your defense, you’ll then need to gather evidence. This evidence might include photos of the area where the traffic stop happened, or it may include expert witnesses. Your lawyer will listen to your case and find the best way to defend you and get your ticket dismissed.

Contact a Clearwater Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Dealing with a traffic ticket puts a lot of stress on you. You’re struggling to have those expenses dismissed before you’re left dealing with the consequences. Unfortunately, it’s also overwhelming, and you might struggle to find a way to get that ticket dismissed.

That’s why at Hersem Law, we focus on getting you the help you need. We understand how devastating those fines and penalties can be. When you’re struggling with a ticket, you need help fighting back, and we’re ready to help.

If you’re not sure what to do or how to deal with your ticket, reach out to us. We offer strategy sessions for clients like you so you know how we’ll help and what we can do before you get started. Once we know the details of your ticket, we’ll be ready to fight to get that ticket dismissed.

Ready to get started and get your traffic ticket taken care of? Reach out for your session soon and get help in your corner for traffic court. You can reach a Clearwater traffic ticket lawyer by calling 813-251-7291 or by completing the following online form.