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Should I Get a Lawyer for My First DUI?

January 20, 2020
When you’re pulled over and arrested for a DUI in Tampa, you may be thinking, “Never again.” You’re not planning on getting in such trouble again, so you might be wondering whether it’s worth it to fight your charges. It was just once, after all—how bad could it really be?  If you don’t fight your DUI charge, the truth is…


Is There a Diversion Program for DUIs in Florida?

December 2, 2019
A diversion program allows offenders to enter rehabilitation and avoid criminal penalties. For those who have been charged with a DUI in Florida, a diversion program probably sounds like a great alternative to a possible conviction, which can include fines, loss of your driver’s license, and even time behind bars. But is there a diversion program for DUIs in Florida?…


Florida DUI: Misdemeanor or Felony?

November 8, 2019
When you're pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence, it's important to understand just how serious your situation is. You're facing criminal charges, and that can affect your future. It's also important to understand just how severe the impact of a DUI conviction can be. Understanding the nature and severity of your DUI charge can help you know…


What Are My Rights When Arrested for Drunk Driving in Florida?

October 17, 2019
A DUI is a serious offense, which is why it’s important to be prepared when you’re pulled over. You want to protect yourself and your future, but that can be tough when you’re not sure what your rights are.  Learning your rights can help you do more than avoid self-incrimination. Protecting your rights during and after any arrest is vital…


Is It Legal to Text at a Red Light in Florida?

May 30, 2019
When you're stopped at a red light, it can be tempting to send a quick response to that urgent text. A quick text may not seem like much, but you may have already been pulled over by a Florida police officer for using your phone behind the wheel. However, is it legal to text at a red light in Florida?…