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Penalties for Speeding in a Construction Work Zone


When workers are present in a construction zone, they’re at a higher risk of being struck and injured or killed during their work day. Because of this, Florida laws are stricter about speeding in these zones. Unfortunately, that means you may have been pulled over for speeding in a work zone. 

Paying off that ticket may lead to bigger problems, too. If you’ve been pulled over for speeding in a construction work zone, reach out to a Tampa speeding ticket attorney for help. 

Fines May Be Higher 

When you’re pulled over for speeding, you may already be expecting to pay a fine if you were to plead guilty. These fines can be costly, leaving you to dig into your savings or money that could have gone to food or rent. 

But speeding in a construction zone is worse. In these cases, your fines may be doubled as compared to a speeding ticket elsewhere. You may even be expected to attend driving school, which only adds to the time and money you’ve spent on a traffic ticket. 

That’s why your lawyer is focused on getting your ticket reduced or even dismissed, when possible. Construction zone speeding tickets may take a larger toll than you realize. Luckily, we’re here to reduce that impact. 

Points on Your License 

When you’ve been accused of speeding in a construction zone, you may also need to worry about the points on your license. If you’re pulled over more than once in a short period of time, these points can impact your license and your ability to drive. This is how speeding puts your license at risk.

For example, speeding in a construction work zone may net you three points on your license if you choose to plead guilty and pay the fine. If you receive twelve points in as many months, your license may be suspended for thirty days. If this speeding ticket isn’t your first offense, it’s more important than ever to seek help defending your case in the courtroom. 

Can I Lose My License for Speeding in a Work Zone? 

Unfortunately, points on your license can add up quickly. While your license may not be automatically suspended for speeding in a work zone, cumulative penalties can lead to serious consequences. 

For example, you may have accrued several points over time. Twenty-four points within thirty-six months can leave you without a license for a year. That’s a long time to rely on public transit or family and friends. 

But avoiding a license suspension may be possible, even if it feels difficult for you on your own. Your speeding ticket lawyer has the tools and experience you need for your defense. 

Talk with a Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney Before Your Court Date 

When you’re accused of breaking the law and endangering others, it can have a big impact on your future. 

Fortunately, your lawyer at Hersem Law wants to help you overcome these penalties. During your free strategy session, we’ll discuss your options for defense and how we can represent you in the courtroom. To learn more about our services and get your speeding ticket–related questions answered, reach out by calling 813-251-7291 or by completing the online contact form below.