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Three Common Misconceptions About DUI Defense Strategies

January 20, 2023
Getting charged with a DUI can be a life-altering event that impacts everyone involved, and punishments can be severe. There are lots of assumptions about the best way to defend yourself in a DUI case, but a lot of those assumptions are based on misconceptions.  If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you need to defend against…


What to Expect from the Prosecutor in a Criminal Trial

January 19, 2023
Being involved in a criminal trial can be nerve-wracking. Whether you are involved as the defendant, a witness, or just a supportive family member, it can be helpful to understand what the proceedings are going to look like before they happen. One of the main players in a criminal defense trial is the prosecutor. If you’re unsure what you should…


Giving Yourself the Best Chance to Beat DUI Charges

December 27, 2022
When you’re pulled over and tested for drugs and alcohol, you may be worried you won’t be able to beat the charges. Maybe the amount of evidence against you is making you nervous. Fortunately, you may have options to act.  Giving yourself the best chance to beat DUI charges is vital. Gathering evidence and talking to a lawyer can change…


Why You Want a Lawyer for a Speeding Ticket

October 20, 2022
When most people get a speeding ticket, they don’t think about getting a lawyer. Many people’s first instinct is to just pay the fine. But what if you feel that the penalty outweighed the speed, that you were unjustly ticketed, or that this is not your first offense? And have you thought of the insurance consequences of having points on…


Refusing a Breathalyzer Test in Florida

October 17, 2022
You’re on your way home from a night out with your friends and you notice the flashing lights in your rearview mirror. You’re stopped by the cop, who says that you were swerving over the center line and asks for your license and registration, then to step out of the vehicle for a Breathalyzer test. When you’re pulled over, you…