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Three Common Misconceptions About DUI Defense Strategies


Getting charged with a DUI can be a life-altering event that impacts everyone involved, and punishments can be severe. There are lots of assumptions about the best way to defend yourself in a DUI case, but a lot of those assumptions are based on misconceptions. 

If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you need to defend against a DUI, not understanding the proper ways to defend yourself can lead to a conviction. You must understand the misconceptions of defense strategies to defend yourself properly. 

Your Tampa DUI defense lawyer is here to help you defend your future despite the common misconceptions you may face about your case. Reach out for help if you need aid to navigate these misconceptions. 

Silence Means Guilt

A lot of people believe that if you are being charged with a DUI and decide to stay silent while the arrest is being made, this will automatically indicate that you’re trying to hide something from the police.

This is not true. The arresting officer has no power to force you to talk, based on your Fifth Amendment right. You have the right to remain silent throughout the entire process. Remaining silent will not make you appear guilty.

Even if you do appear guilty to the arresting officer, only a court and jury can decide whether you are guilty or not guilty. Your lawyer can guide you through what to say and what you can do about your case. 

Breathalyzer Results Can’t Be Challenged

Most people tend to believe, if you blow into the Breathalyzer, your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level is set in stone, and there is no further action you can take to disprove this number. But Breathalyzer, along with the officers who use them, are not infallible. 

On the contrary, BAC can be challenged for a variety of reasons. You could challenge that the equipment being used was faulty. There is always the possibility of human error, and there are also some medical conditions that could give an incorrectly high BAC level. The details of your defense depend on your personal situation, so talk to a lawyer about your options. 

You Don’t Need a Lawyer If You’re Innocent 

Many people think that a DUI defense attorney is not worth the money that they are charging. They think that, if they didn’t have anything to hide and didn’t do anything wrong, then they don’t need a lawyer. But false imprisonment is an unfortunate occurrence, and you may be shocked to find that your future is in danger. 

If you try to represent yourself in a DUI defense without an attorney, you may struggle to avoid severe penalties. These may include heavy fines, license suspensions, or even jail time. 

An attorney will know exactly the defense strategies that you need for your specific case, and you will have a much greater chance of lessening or erasing your charge completely. 

Need Answers? Seek Out a DUI Lawyer in Your Area 

If you have found yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself in a case where you are being accused of DUI, reach out to our experienced lawyers to help you defend your case.

Reaching out can help ensure that you’re being defended as well as possible and avoid these misconceptions that many have about the DUI defense system. When you’re ready to discuss your case over a free strategy session, reach out by calling 813-251-7291 or by filling out the following online contact form.