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What Happens if I’m Classified as a Habitual Traffic Offender?


Mistakes happen, and you may have gotten some traffic tickets for what seemed like little mistakes at the time. But those little mistakes added up. Now, you’re about to be classified as a habitual traffic offender.

Unfortunately, that can impact not only your driving record, but also your future. Because of this, it’s important not to accept the charges. You need to fight your ticket now to protect your license and driving privileges. Continue reading to learn more about the possible penalties for habitual traffic offenders. 

You Could Lose Your Florida Drivers License

If you’ve been  convicted of multiple major traffic violations within five years, you’re in danger of being deemed a habitual traffic offender. Certain violations, such as driving with a suspended license, driving under the influence (DUI),  or leaving the scene of a car accident, can add up fast—three of these violations within a five-year period will leave you designated as a habitual traffic offender. 

If this happens, your Florida drivers license could be revoked for a period of five years. It’s not just about your license, either. Being labeled a habitual offender can affect future cases if you’re pulled over again, and the stigma may linger. But, there’s good news: You have options.  

Defending Your Drivers License in Tampa 

If you’re in danger of being labeled a habitual traffic offender, you need to defend yourself in court to protect your license. Another conviction on your record could be the end of your drivers license. Consider enlisting the help of a traffic ticket lawyer to defend your case. 

Your traffic ticket lawyer in Tampa can help you gather evidence that shows you are not guilty of a crime. For example, let’s say you were accused of using your vehicle in a felony case. Your lawyer may try to prove you were not in possession of the car and that you couldn’t have been present at the crime scene. Your traffic ticket lawyer may also be able to negotiate with the State to have your charge dismissed or amended to a different charge that won’t affect your license.

The details of your defense will depend on your case. Your lawyer can determine the best approach to your defense to help you save your license. 

Fight a Habitual Traffic Offender Designation with a Tampa Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you’re on the brink of being labeled a habitual traffic offender, you need to take action now to deal with your case. Your lawyer from Hersem Law can help you gather evidence, represent you in court, and fight to protect your license. 

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