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Do I Need a Lawyer to Fight a Tampa Traffic Ticket?


A traffic ticket can turn into a big ordeal fast. Even if the fine doesn’t seem high, hidden penalties could impact your driving record and your life for years if you don’t fight your Tampa traffic ticket. But do you need a lawyer to fight a Tampa traffic ticket? 

Having a traffic ticket lawyer on your side can affect your claim in major, positive ways. If you’re not sure you need a lawyer, check out the following reasons you may want to call a traffic ticket lawyer from Hersem Law. 

Knowing the Consequences

Many people who have received a Tampa traffic ticket don’t understand just how severe it is. They don’t realize that driving points add up, and if you don’t fight back, your license could be on the line. That impacts your finances and your opportunities to drive in ways that can indirectly impact other parts of your life. 

Your traffic ticket lawyer from Hersem Law can help you understand these potential consequences on the front end. Knowing the stakes can help you act with urgency, and it can help you prepare for any outcome for your case. 

Experience On Your Side

When you’re accused of breaking the law, you may not know where to start on your traffic court case. What evidence do you provide? How do you present your case? That’s not to mention the fact that it’s likely your word against that of a police officer. 

That’s where a Tampa traffic ticket attorney from Hersem Law can help. A lawyer has the experience in the courtroom you don’t have. They can help you file a not-guilty plea, request a hearing, and show you weren’t guilty of breaking the law.

Resources for Your Evidence 

You can’t go to court empty-handed, either. But you may not have the resources you need to prove you weren’t breaking traffic laws. For example, you may believe the radar guns the police used were inaccurate, but how do you prove that in court? 

Your Hersem Law traffic ticket lawyer in Tampa has the tools you need to prove you didn’t break traffic laws. They can check any surveillance videos of the area and take photos of the location where you were stopped, and they may be able to check any equipment used to show you were breaking the law. They can then present this evidence in court to help you get your ticket reduced or dismissed. 

Contact a Tampa Traffic Ticket Lawyer for Help

Fighting a Tampa traffic ticket without the right tools could lead to severe consequences, from points on your license to impacts on your insurance rates. Avoiding those penalties isn’t easy, but your lawyer from Hersem Law can help.

If you’ve been accused of breaking traffic laws in Florida, your Hersem Law traffic ticket lawyer has the tools and experience to step in when you need help. Our firm also offers free strategy sessions, where we can discuss the details of your case before you work with us. To take advantage of this option, call 813-251-7291 or fill out the online contact form below.