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Tampa Traffic Ticket FAQ

Getting a traffic ticket can be a frustrating, distressing situation. You’re driving along one day, thinking you’re following all the rules, when you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Now you’re dealing with a traffic ticket in Tampa, and you’re struggling to overcome it.

Fighting a traffic ticket alone isn’t easy. You might already be feeling overwhelmed, and if you’re not familiar with the laws surrounding your case, it can be especially distressing. Getting started with a Tampa traffic ticket FAQ can help you get started, but you may also need someone on your side. If you’re struggling with a traffic ticket case, reach out to the Tampa traffic attorney at Hersem Law for help.

What is the points system?

Florida’s points system assigns a different point value for each type of moving violation. For example, you might have been charged with running a red light, which is worth three points. The amounts generally range from three to six points, and every time you’re found guilty, those points will be added to your license.

Could my license be suspended for a traffic ticket?

Unfortunately, your license can be suspended. While a minor violation, like failing to yield, will only get you a ticket, enough points on your license can affect you. If you’ve received twelve points in the past twelve months, for example, your license may be automatically suspended.

Can I reduce the points on my record if I attend driving school?

In some cases, you might feel that it’s too late to fight back, but you still don’t want to deal with the consequences of a moving violation. You might be thinking about driving school as an option, and these classes can help. These driver improvement courses can benefit you by preventing points from being put on your license and hurting you in the future.

Unfortunately, these classes can also be costly. You’ll still need to pay fines to attend driving school, adding to your ticket-related expenses. In some cases, it’s better to fight back than to accept driving school.

Questions? Speak to a Tampa Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you’ve been given a traffic ticket, it can be tough to get your ticket dropped and avoid the expenses that come with it. Worse, you might be facing a possible license suspension, which can be upsetting. At Hersem Law, we understand how stressful it can be when your license is on the line. That’s why we’re here to help.

When you need someone who can provide the answers you need for your traffic ticket questions, reach out for help from an attorney. Our traffic and speeding ticket lawyers can help you find the answers you need. If you have questions beyond our Tampa traffic ticket FAQ, reach out for a free strategy session, where we’ll discuss your case and how we’ll attempt to get your charges dropped.

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