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Is It Legal to Text at a Red Light in Florida?


When you’re stopped at a red light, it can be tempting to send a quick response to that urgent text. A quick text may not seem like much, but you may have already been pulled over by a Florida police officer for using your phone behind the wheel.

However, is it legal to text at a red light in Florida? Your legal options for situations like this can be confusing, so speak to your lawyer at Hersem Law for help disputing your ticket.

Florida’s Texting while Driving Laws

Many states, including Florida, have made bans on texting while driving. Distracted driving contributes to thousands of crashes every year, and stopping distracted driving can make a difference. However, what about when your car isn’t moving?

In Florida, you are legally allowed to text while your car is stationary. So, while you were still behind the wheel when texting, you may have a chance to act on your traffic ticket. Rather than accepting the penalties, you may have a chance to avoid them.

Acting on a Texting and Driving Ticket

If you’re accused of texting while driving, but you were at a red light, you’ll need to act now to see if you can get your traffic ticket dropped. You’ll need to plead not guilty to dispute your ticket. From there, you’ll then be given a date to appear in traffic court.

When you’re in court, your attorney can help you dispute the details of your traffic ticket. You may have evidence, for example, that you were only texting at a red light. The officer may also agree that you were at a red light, and your attorney may simply need to argue that texting at a red light is an exception to the rule in Florida.

However, the exact defense for your case will depend on the details of your traffic stop. Make sure to discuss your options with your attorney before you plead guilty or not guilty for your texting ticket.

Contact Your Florida Attorney to Fight Your Ticket

When you’ve been accused of texting and driving, it might feel like you have no other options than to accept your charge and your penalties. However, you should also be asking, “Is it legal to text at a red light in Florida?” Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Even then, you’ll still need to beat your traffic ticket. A lawyer from Hersem Law can help. Our attorneys can guide you through your day in traffic court, doing whatever’s possible to see that your ticket is completely dismissed. Get started today with a free strategy session, where we’ll discuss Florida’s texting laws and what you can do about your traffic ticket.

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