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St. Petersburg Suspended License Lawyer

If your license is in danger of being suspended or has already been suspended, talk to a St. Petersburg license suspension attorney at Hersem Law about your options.

For many of us, driving is a part of our daily lives. While public transportation or bikes may be an alternative, they may not be viable options for you. If you’re facing a license suspension, you’re probably worried.

At Hersem Law, we want to help our clients protect their driving privileges or get them reinstated. If your license is in danger or already suspended, reach out to a St. Petersburg suspended license lawyer at our firm for help. 

Reasons for a Suspended Driver’s License in St. Petersburg

To protect your license in St. Petersburg, Florida, you have to address the charges against you. Charges or traffic violations that can put your license in danger include the following:

Keep in mind that the sentences for some criminal offenses can include a driver’s license suspension. If you’re dealing with any situation that is threatening your ability to legally drive, call a Hersem Law suspended license lawyer as soon as possible.

Can I Get My License Back in St. Petersburg?

Typically, a license suspension stemming from a criminal conviction can be tough to fight. You’ll be left without your license for the length of the sentence, which depends on the reason for your suspension. In some cases, your license may be suspended for a year, or it could be revoked completely. 

Because it can be so hard to get your license back, it’s usually best to protect it, if possible, rather than accepting the conviction and trying to get your driving privileges back after the fact. If your case is successfully reduced or dismissed, you may not have to face penalties for your charges at all. Instead, you can continue driving without the worry of losing your driving privileges. If your license is suspended, it may be possible for you to get a hardship permit that allows limited driving during the term of the suspension.

You’ll need to contact your suspended license lawyer at Hersem Law about your license and why it’s in danger of a suspension. Then, we can help you gather evidence and defend yourself. 

Defend Your License with Help from a St. Petersburg Suspended License Lawyer

Your driver’s license may be vital for your transportation, but now, it’s in danger. If you don’t defend yourself, you could be left without your license. Without legal guidance, it can often be tough to prevent a license suspension. 

If you’re struggling to defend your license from suspension in St. Petersburg, speak to Hersem Law about your options during a free strategy session. During your visit, we can review your case and your options for defending your case. That way, you know what to expect before you officially work with our lawyers.  

Once you’re ready to act, reach out for the help of a St. Petersburg suspended license lawyer by calling 813-251-7291 or by filling out the online contact form below.