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No matter where you were heading, being arrested for drunk driving can place a hold on all of your future plans. Protect your future and your freedom by calling a St. Petersburg drunk driving lawyer.

It’s unfortunate, but a DUI in St. Petersburg, Florida, can affect your future for years to come. Whether you face a license suspension or serious fines, you’re not done paying for your conviction when you’ve been released from jail or paid what you owe. That’s why it’s so important to defend yourself from conviction.

When your future is in danger, you may need a St. Petersburg DUI lawyer from Hersem Law on your side. We can review the circumstances of your arrest and start securing your freedom and future today. You need someone with the experience to fight back and the knowledge to win. Our DUI defense law firm can give you both.

Penalties for Drunk Driving in St. Petersburg

So, your field sobriety test showed that you were over the legal limit while driving in St. Petersburg. Now you’ve been arrested for DUI, and you may even be concerned that it’s too late to fight back. It’s your word against the officer’s—and the Breathalyzer results.

But simply accepting the consequences will leave you struggling, and these negative effects can last for years after the verdict. For example, even if it’s your first DUI offense, you can expect hundreds of dollars in fines—and much more for multiple offenses or more serious charges. If you’ve had several DUIs or hurt someone, you could be charged with a felony, which can mean a year or more behind bars.  

Indirect Consequences of a DUI Conviction

Unfortunately, you can expect the consequences of DUI to continue well after the fact, too. These effects are both financial and personal, but all of them are painful and should be avoided.

For example, you can expect certain financial losses, like an increase in your insurance premiums. Even if you didn’t cause an accident, a DUI suggests to insurers that you’re reckless, and you might be punished for that.

When you’re charged with a misdemeanor or felony in St. Petersburg, it goes on your record. Unfortunately, potential employers and landlords can see that. You might lose job opportunities, for example, and some housing providers won’t accept felons. If you choose to seek a divorce, a criminal record could be used against you when it comes to child custody, too. The best option is to avoid a conviction altogether.  

Why Get Help from a Top-Ranking DUI Attorney in St. Petersburg?

Even if you’re not confident about your case, it’s still best to fight back while you can and protect yourself from the harsh consequences if possible. You might be thinking, however, of saving money and either not hiring a DUI lawyer or working with a public defender. While both of these options might save a little cash now, you could end up paying in the future.

Defending you against DUI charges requires time and experience—things that your other options for defense lack. You might even have the time to research your case, but you don’t have the resources and experience necessary to build a bulletproof defense tailored to your situation.

What about a public defender in St. Petersburg? While they are lawyers, they often can’t devote the time you need for your case. A private St. Petersburg drunk driving attorney can focus on you, however, and ensure you have the tools and defense you need to beat your charge or have it reduced.  

Winning Defenses for DUIs

Once you’ve found the right lawyer for you, you should already feel a little less stressed. You have someone on your side who can investigate your DUI case, choose the right defense, and help you prepare for your day in court.

We might fight back by disputing the accuracy of the field sobriety tests. Some experts believe that these tests could result in too many false positives, which means you could have been within the legal alcohol limit after all.

If you’re not certain of how to approach your case or simply want to give yourself the best chance possible of escaping punishment for your DUI charge, you need to call a lawyer.

St. Petersburg DUI FAQ

A DUI is a complex charge, and each situation is different from the next. That means you might have questions and be struggling to get the answers you need.

Fortunately, that’s where we can step in. We’ll review your case and answer all of the questions you have. Just give us a call to have all of your questions answered. In the meantime, check out our DUI FAQs below.

How long will a DUI conviction stay on my record?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get a DUI expunged or sealed in Florida. These charges can stay on your record for seventy-five years. That’s why we stress fighting back when you’re accused of drunk driving—not after you’ve been convicted.

What can I expect after I’m arrested for a DUI?

When you’re arrested for a DUI in St. Petersburg, you’ll typically be locked in a cell until you’re booked. This means your information is in the system. Your bail will be posted, and some places may require you to be sober before you leave the building.

What is an ignition interlock device?

An ignition interlock device, or IID, is a device that allows you to keep driving despite your charges. The device tests your BAC level when you get in the car. You’ll have to pass the test for your car to start. These devices may be mandatory for you if you’re convicted of a DUI.

Contact a St. Petersburg DUI Attorney

Being arrested is embarrassing, but that feeling won’t compare to your experience if you’re convicted. It might only be a misdemeanor, but you’ll want to fight back anyway. Even a misdemeanor can have devastating consequences on your future, your freedom, and your life.

Call a lawyer at Hersem Law as soon as possible. A DUI conviction will hurt your future, and it’s tough to fight such charges alone. Criminal law is complex, and you might not have the experience necessary to deal with it. Even a minor mistake during a criminal trial could leave you behind bars.

When your freedom is in danger and you’re worried about the consequences, reach out for help from a St. Petersburg DUI lawyer. Starting with your free strategy session, you’ll get the peace of mind of knowing you have someone on your side to fight back. Schedule a free consultation with our firm by calling 813-251-7291 or completing the online contact form below.