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Marijuana laws have been changing quickly, but that won’t get you out of trouble when you’ve been charged in Florida. If you’ve been accused of a drug-related crime, you’ll need a St. Petersburg lawyer on your side to try to get your charges reduced or dropped.

Chances are good that you’ve heard about the changing laws surrounding marijuana; every day, it seems, the laws are evolving. However, that doesn’t mean that these substances can’t get you in trouble even now. In Florida, marijuana is still mostly illegal, and that can get you in trouble.

Unfortunately, you might have already been arrested for weed-related charges, and you’ll need to get those charges reduced or dropped. That can be tough to accomplish, especially on your own, so seek out a St. Petersburg marijuana lawyer from Hersem Law for the help you need.  

Florida Marijuana Laws

First, you’ll need to understand the severity of your charges. You’ll need to know how much these charges can cost you. The costs don’t stop at your release, either, so you’ll need to fight now to combat these drug charges.

Marijuana-related crimes may be either misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the amount of marijuana involved. While a misdemeanor means lower fines and less jail time, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth fighting. The effects of any jail sentence can hurt your future, so protect yourself now from a conviction, whether you’re looking at a misdemeanor or a felony.

If you’re not sure what type of charge you might be facing, check out the chart below for your possible charges:

Charge Fine Jail Sentence
Possession under twenty grams Up to $1,000 Up to one year
Possession under twenty-five pounds Up to $5,000 Up to five years
Sale Up to $5,000 Up to five years
Trafficking Up to $200,000 Up to fifteen years

Defenses against Marijuana Charges

Once you know that you’ll need to fight back, you and your weed lawyer will need to decide how you’ll address your marijuana charges. You’ll need to decide the best way to address the accusations leveled at you, and that direction will depend on the details of your case.

For example, you might have been arrested after your roommate’s weed and paraphernalia were found in your home. You didn’t know about it, and you weren’t involved, but it was found on you. You might have been arrested for someone else’s crime, and your lawyer may focus on that.

In another scenario, you might have been stopped by an officer and had your car searched. If you didn’t consent to the search, however, they may not be able to use that evidence. So, if they stopped you and opened your truck without your consent and without reason to believe they would find anything, they may not be able to use any evidence they found.

When you’ve been arrested for drug crimes, you’ll need a pot lawyer on your side to find the best defense for your case. We’ll listen to your story, and then we’ll focus on finding the best way to address your situation.  

What about Medicinal Use?

If you have a license to have medical marijuana, you might still be under heavy scrutiny. While medicinal marijuana has been legalized in Florida, keep in mind that the rules are still especially strict. You’ll need to provide some evidence that you were following the laws carefully, or you might still be in trouble.

For example, you’ll first need to provide proof that you have permission to use medical marijuana for your condition. The prosecutor will likely look at whether you’re legally allowed to possess any weed, so we’ll start gathering evidence there.

If you’re over the amount your prescription allows at all, that can be trouble as well. Even though you have a permit, you might not have your charges dropped just yet. However, if you do have this permit, your lawyer can help you fight back and try to get your charges dropped using that information.

Talk to a St. Petersburg Weed Lawyer

Sadly, it can be tough to overcome marijuana-related charges in St. Petersburg. You’ll need help determining your charges and how to best fight back. Fortunately, it’s easier with a lawyer from Hersem Law on your side during your trial.

You’ll need someone with the experience you need for a successful dismissal, especially when dealing with felony charges. You’ll also need someone who understands how difficult these charges can be and who will help you through this difficult time.

If you’re facing marijuana-related charges in St. Petersburg, Florida, seek out the help you need. Our attorneys offer strategy sessions so you can talk to us about your case before we get started. That way, you know whether we’re right for you first.

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