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Seeking probation and concerned about protecting your probation rights? Contact an attorney in St. Petersburg for help getting and keeping your probation.

When you’re arrested and charged with a crime, you may find yourself struggling to prove you didn’t do it. In these cases, you may consider taking an alternative to jail. For many, probation may be the best option to avoid a jail sentence.

However, understanding your probation rules and how to avoid losing your probation privileges is vital. Make sure you understand what probation will mean for you by contacting a St. Petersburg probation lawyer. At Hersem Law, we understand how confusing probation can be, and we’ll help you fight back if you’re struggling to protect your probation.

Probation Rules and Regulations

First, keep in mind that probation is different from parole, though both mean that you’ll have a criminal conviction. Rather than serving time and being released on good behavior (parole), you’ll instead receive probation as an alternative to jail time.

If you’re concerned about keeping your job and caring for your family, probation may be the best option for you. However, keep in mind that you’ll be expected to strictly follow certain rules.

That means you’ll give up certain rights and meet regularly with your probation officer. Your probation rules may vary, but you may be unable to own a gun, drink alcohol, or even enter a business that sells alcohol. Your probation period can vary. For a misdemeanor, however, your probation can last up to six months but can be up to a year in some circumstances.

Violating Probation in Florida

Unfortunately, because many of these laws can be especially strict, there’s a chance that you’ll be accused of violating your probation. If these accusations stick, you could lose your opportunity for probation. Instead, you’ll serve the rest of your sentence in jail.

That can leave you and your family struggling to recover. Your job could be in danger, and if you’re a single parent, your child’s living situation could be seriously disrupted.

Fortunately, if you’re accused of violating your probation, your St. Petersburg attorney can help. You’ll need someone on your side who can defend your actions or show that you didn’t violate your probation. Each defense will depend on your case, however, so make sure you reach out for help with your unique case before you begin.

Protect Your Probation with Your St. Petersburg Lawyer

Probation can give you a chance to avoid jail time and have your freedom back now, even if you do accept a criminal conviction. However, you’ll also need to understand what probation means for your case. In some cases, your probation may even be in danger of being revoked.

At Hersem Law, we’ve seen many of our St. Petersburg clients struggling with probation rules and what they need to know to protect their children, their jobs, and their futures. We’ll focus on you and your case, starting with a free strategy session with your St. Petersburg attorney. We’ll speak with you about your options to protect your probation before you sign anything.

When you’re ready to begin, seek out your St. Petersburg probation lawyer for the guidance you need. For your free strategy session, give us a call at 813-251-7291 or fill out the online form below for more information.