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St. Petersburg Arrest Lawyer

If you’re facing an arrest warrant, you’ll need to understand your options and how to best handle your situation. Fortunately, a St. Petersburg attorney can help you through your case.

When you’re accused of a criminal offense, you may be concerned about when and where your arrest may happen. It can be embarrassing, especially if you’re arrested at home, in front of neighbors, or at work.

When you know there’s a warrant out for your arrest, you’ll need to know how to handle it. You don’t want to make matters worse, but you also don’t want to be stuck in jail. Fortunately, a lawyer from Hersem Law can guide you through your case.

If you’re unsure how to deal with an arrest, contact a St. Petersburg arrest lawyer for help. We’ll make your arrest process as quick and easy as possible.

What Happens During an Arrest

When you find that there’s a warrant out for your arrest, one of your first steps may be to contact a St. Petersburg attorney. Otherwise, you may be arrested at any time, which can be embarrassing.

Instead, your attorney will notify the police that you’re peacefully turning yourself in and help you arrange discreet transportation to the police station. There, you’ll be booked, which means your information will be entered into the system, and your bail will be posted.

Before you are arrested, your lawyer may arrange bail with you. That way, you can be released as soon as your bail is handled.

Understanding Your St. Petersburg Arrest

Once you’ve gotten news of the warrant, you’ll need to understand what type of warrant you’re dealing with. Your warrant type can help you and your St. Petersburg attorney understand your charges and fight back appropriately.

Typically, you’re looking at an arrest warrant, which means that you’ve been accused of a criminal offense and will be brought in to discuss your trial. This warrant can be carried out by any peace officer. You’ll need to know what charges you’re facing before you begin your case.

A bench warrant can also be served by a police officer, but it is issued by a judge, from the bench. This type of warrant is issued for a failure to appear in court. As such, you’ll need to discuss the difference with your lawyer to help understand and fight your charges.

Seek Help for an Arrest from a St. Petersburg Attorney

When you’re facing a possible arrest, you’ll need the right help to deal with it easily and discreetly. You don’t want to deal with a public arrest, but it can be difficult to arrange a peaceful arrest when you’re already distressed by the situation.

That’s why our lawyers at Hersem Law are ready to help. We understand how much an arrest can affect you, so we’ll help you arrange your arrest and prepare for your day on trial. Get started with a free strategy session, and we’ll show you how we can help with your unique case.

When you’re ready to address your arrest warrant, contact a St. Petersburg arrest lawyer. Set up your session today by calling 813-251-7291 or by filling out the online form below.