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How Does a Florida Hardship License Work?


If you’ve been pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence in Florida, your drivers license may be in danger. Even a first-time DUI can lead to a license revocation, which means you can lose your driving privileges for months or even years.

You may need a license to keep your job or attend school, and a hardship license can help you do that. But how does a Florida hardship license work? Read on to learn more about your opportunities for a hardship license and how your lawyer can help you protect your future.

When Am I Eligible for a Florida Hardship License?

A Florida hardship license provides residents with a first-time DUI conviction the chance to keep some of their driving privileges. Public transportation isn’t always an option, especially if your job requires some driving. Your hardship license may be offered in cases where you’ve completed your DUI education program, if required.

Your Florida hardship license gives you privileges for:

  • Commuting to work
  • Driving in the scope of your job duties
  • Commuting to school
  • Medical visits
  • Religious purposes, such as attending church

Some drivers aren’t eligible for a hardship license. You may be unable to seek a hardship license if this is your second or subsequent DUI conviction, or if you’re seeking to reinstate your commercial drivers license (CDL).

Applying for Your Florida Hardship License

Once you’ve completed any programs required after a DUI conviction, you can then apply for a hardship license. Once you gather proof that you completed the right programs, you can then fill out an application for a hardship license. This application will then be sent to the Bureau of Administrative Reviews office in your area.

Once your application has been approved, you may then need to pay any fees to have your license reinstated. This may include an administrative fee and any due license fees.

Fighting to Keep Your License

If you haven’t been convicted, the easiest way to deal with the question of a Florida hardship license may be to avoid losing your license. If you’ve not yet been convicted of driving under the influence, a Florida DUI lawyer may be able to help you get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Your DUI lawyer can gather the evidence and tools you need for a strong defense. While your lawyer can guide you through the process of getting a hardship license, they can also help you avoid criminal charges that can impact your license, your insurance policy, and your future.

Talk to a DUI Lawyer About Your License

When your license is on the line, you may have options to keep your license. Losing your license can put a strain on you, your job, and your freedom. While getting a Florida hardship license can help, you may have a chance to protect your license before it ever comes to that.

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