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Things That Can Help Your DUI Case


A DUI case is a difficult and stressful time because your future may be on the line. There are multiple factors that can impact the outcome of your drunk driving case.

You need to know what you should expect before going into DUI court. With a Tampa Bay area defense attorney at Hersem Law aiding your case, you have the tools to make your case a success. Our team will answer your questions and prepare you for the trial.

Your lawyer will work to defend your freedom and your drivers license during the process. With so much at stake, it is a good idea to take precautionary steps before your trial.

Limit Alcohol Usage and Take an Assessment

Before your trial even begins, it is a good idea to stop drinking alcohol or doing drugs. Limiting these can help you prove you’re not a habitual user, which can reduce the severity of the charges in some instances. 

You may also consider taking an alcohol and drug assessment before the date of your trial. An assessment will prove as evidence in your trial of whether or not you may have a drug or alcohol problem. Steps to actively seek help with drug or alcohol abuse may impress the court and aid your defense.

Unlawful Traffic Stop

Our defense attorneys may ask you to remember details about your traffic stop. Was your stop lawful? In order to be considered a lawful traffic stop, police must have had a reason to pull you over. Perhaps you didn’t stop at a red light. If a police officer stopped you without a good reason, the stop is considered unlawful.

If you suspect that the police didn’t follow proper procedures, that can help your case. Evidence gathered outside of proper protocol may be dismissed, which can help your case succeed. If you have any doubts about the evidence, talk to your lawyer about your options to defend your case. 

Don’t Assume You Can’t Fight the Charge

There are multiple ways you can reduce your DUI charge with the help of a defense attorney. By pleading to a reckless driving charge rather than a DUI, you can avoid many of the harsh penalties of drunk driving. You may also have the evidence you need to get the charges dropped. 

The pre-trial prosecutor decides whether or not a DUI charge may be reduced, so you will need a strong defense lawyer on your side.  Your lawyer can evaluate your charges and the evidence against you to determine your best course of action. 

Fight Your DUI Case with a Tampa Bay Area Defense Attorney

The consequences of a DUI case may be grave, but you can trust the defense attorney at Hersem Law to lead you down the right path. Your lawyer is here to help fight your case and provide you with the materials you need for success.

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