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Can I Get a DUI on Marijuana in Florida? 

Public opinion and laws on marijuana may be changing, but it’s still not legal to drive while you’re high. That means you can get a DUI on marijuana in Florida.

If you were pulled over for driving while under the influence of marijuana, you could be facing severe and expensive penalties. That’s why you need to contact a Tampa DUI lawyer at Hersem Law. We understand that you’re in a tough spot, and we’re here to help you avoid a conviction. 

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana Is Illegal

Many people smoke marijuana legally, but just like with drinking alcohol to the point that your normal faculties are impaired, you can’t drive after you do so. It’s illegal to drive while high on marijuana in Florida. Florida law prohibits anyone from being impaired by a chemical or controlled substance while driving. 

Marijuana DUIs vs. Alcohol DUIs

In a DUI-with-alcohol situation, the state can easily tell how much alcohol was in your system through a breath or blood sample. It is much more difficult to prove how much marijuana was in your system at the time of driving, so the state will rely on a urine or blood sample to show that marijuana was present in your system, and then they’ll look very closely at your interactions with the officer and his or her observations of your physical demeanor at the time of the traffic stop. 

They don’t have a Breathalyzer for marijuana, but THC may still be in your system if you submit to a urine test. But marijuana stays in your system for weeks, so a positive urine test doesn’t prove anything definitively about your ability to drive at the time you were stopped. 

If you remain calm and aware during the stop, performing well on any sobriety exercises, a qualified lawyer from Hersem Law can help you argue that you weren’t high at the time—that the marijuana was in your system from a different time.

Talk to Your Hersem Law DUI Attorney 

When you’re accused of breaking the law, especially when that law involves illegal substances, it’s normal to be concerned about the potential punishments you could face. 

However, you should always remember that you have a chance and a legal right to fight back against these accusations, and your lawyer from Hersem Law is here to help. We know that a DUI on marijuana in Florida is a serious charge that can greatly impact the rest of your life if it turns into a conviction.

If you’ve been arrested for a marijuana-related DUI, reach out for a free strategy session with your Hersem Law attorney. We can be reached at 813-251-7291 or by completing the online contact form below.