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Do Warrants Show Up on a Background Check in Florida?


Job-hunting and opening accounts is stressful enough. Your employment, housing, or finances may be on the line if something comes up on your background check. Worse, you may be a little worried because a warrant may show on your background check. 

Your future is at risk, but you have options. If you have an active warrant in Tampa, make sure you’re taking the right steps to make sure that warrant doesn’t affect your future. 

Warrants on Your Background Check 

When someone performs a background check, that check could review several different databases. That may mean your credit history, or your criminal record. Information on past arrests, trials, and convictions are stored in databases, and these records can be requested by employers, landlords, and other people who could affect your future. 

Unless this information is expunged from your record, meaning it’s removed, that person can see anything on your record. That may include active warrants for your arrest in Tampa or beyond. 

Background Check Services May Not Always Have It Right

The problem is, information on past or active warrants gathered from databases may not be accurate. While Tampa warrants are public, that information from databases may be outdated, inaccurate, or confusing for your potential employer. They may see that you were arrested and choose not to hire you, no matter what the charges were. 

That leaves you without a job, which puts financial stress on top of the stress of your warrant. Now, you may have lost a major job opportunity over that warrant. 

Dealing with Your Florida Warrant Now, Not Later

Even if you haven’t lost your job opportunity, you may need to seek out help with your warrant now, rather than waiting. Taking a chance on your future isn’t worth it when you have a chance to deal with the warrant now. 

Whether it’s an arrest warrant, search warrant, or bench warrant, your Tampa defense lawyer from Hersem Law can help you face that warrant. They can sometimes even communicate with the police to arrange a discreet arrest and booking. That way, you can settle the warrant quickly and discreetly, including taking your case to court, if needed to resolve the matter. 

Talk to a Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer about Your Warrant

Dealing with a warrant is already a major stressor. You have responsibilities, and you likely don’t want the trouble of an arrest on top of that. Worse, you may be hunting for a job, which can be difficult because of the background check stage. The good news is, your lawyer from Hersem Law can help you deal with your warrant. 

Handling your warrant now, so you don’t have to worry about it during your job hunt or apartment search, can take that stress off your mind. Even better, your criminal defense lawyer at Hersem Law may have the tools you need for a dismissal. 

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