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Can You Get a DUI on a Scooter in Florida?


An electric scooter can be a handy way to travel around and avoid Tampa’s traffic. For some people, these dockless scooters even seem like an easy way to avoid a driving under the influence, or DUI, charge. 

Here’s the problem with that idea: You can, in fact, get a DUI on a scooter in Florida. Check out why you could be arrested for a DUI, even on a scooter, and what penalties you could face if you don’t fight your charge with the help of a Tampa DUI attorney at Hersem Law. 

You Can Get a DUI on Any Vehicle

First, why can you get a DUI for a scooter? It’s not a car, after all, and the damage a scooter can do is typically much less than that of a car. The issue is that Florida’s definition of what counts as a “vehicle” is broad. 

A vehicle is seen as anything that can be used to transport someone or something from one place to another. That means all scooters, bicycles, riding lawn mowers, and other vehicles. 

Because of this, if you’re drunk while in control of any vehicle type, you could be arrested for a DUI. That includes those scooters you see on sidewalks and at intersections.

Penalties for a Florida DUI on a Scooter

If you were charged with a DUI in Florida, no matter what vehicle you happened to be using, you could face severe penalties that could affect your future, financially and otherwise. For example, your license could be suspended, depending on the details of your case. However, your license isn’t the only thing at stake. 

First, you might face fines, which could get expensive fast, if you’re convicted. Your insurance company could also see your conviction and use that against you. Your insurance rates may be raised, which makes it difficult or impossible to maintain your insurance coverage. 

You could even face jail time for a DUI. That’s why it’s so important to contact a qualified DUI lawyer at Hersem Law—no matter the circumstances or what kind of vehicle you were driving when you were arrested.

Contact a Hersem Law Attorney After a Scooter DUI

In Florida, you can just as easily be arrested for a DUI on a scooter as you would be for a DUI in a car. Unfortunately, that means you might have already been arrested, and now you may be worried about your options to fight back and beat that charge. 

If you’re concerned about a DUI conviction because you were accused of riding a scooter drunk, you need to call a DUI lawyer at Hersem Law. We can help you understand the charges, build a defense, and defend yourself against a conviction. 

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