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Clearwater Stop Sign Ticket Lawyer

When you’re given a stop sign ticket, it can be difficult and frustrating to overcome the penalties you’re facing. That’s why you’ll need a Clearwater attorney to help you defend your case and work to get your ticket dismissed.

One moment, you’re passing through an intersection, not thinking that there was any problem with your move. Unfortunately, the next moment, you’ve been pulled over, and now you’re facing a stop sign ticket.

It can feel unfair, which is why it’s so important to defend yourself. At Hersem Law, we understand that a ticket can be frustrating, setting you back financially and possibly affecting your license. If you’re concerned about the penalties, our Clearwater stop sign ticket lawyer can help you recover and fight back.

Penalties for a Stop Sign Ticket

If you choose to plead guilty and pay your ticket, or if you don’t have the right defense for your case, you could be facing major penalties for your ticket. One of the first may be the fines for your stop sign ticket.

It’s unfortunate, but the fines for a stop sign ticket can affect you moving forward. You might not have had the money to spare for that ticket, or you may need to borrow money you don’t have. That puts you in a difficult financial situation while you’re trying to recover.

Worse, stop sign offenses may put points on your license, too. While a few points might not affect your license at first, the long-term consequences could lead to a suspended license. If you’re nearing twelve points within the last twelve months, you could lose your license for thirty days. You could lose your license for longer if your points go higher.

On top of all of that, your own insurance company might raise your rates after you are convicted for a stop sign ticket. That’s a negative effect of your ticket that can burden you for years.

Don’t Risk Your Future

That’s why you’ll need to fight your traffic ticket, but that can be tough. You’re facing high fees, so you might be concerned about the cost of hiring a Clearwater lawyer for your case.

Fighting back without help, however, can hurt your chances of getting your charges dropped. Keep in mind that the police officer who pulled you over is likely in court regularly, meaning that they’re familiar with both traffic law and with the people of the Clearwater traffic court, putting you at a disadvantage.

Having someone on your side who understands these laws can be especially useful. While there’s plenty of information on the internet about traffic tickets and your defense, many of these tips can hurt your case instead. The advice you see may be based on myths or inaccurate information, so seek out a Florida attorney to help you dispute your stop sign ticket.

Fight Back with a Clearwater Attorney

When you’re facing any traffic ticket in Clearwater, it’s important to fight back. You shouldn’t be left to struggle with the financial costs of a stop sign ticket, since it can leave you struggling for some time after your stop. Fortunately, that’s where the lawyers at Hersem Law can help.

Our attorneys can help you find the best defense for you, starting with a free strategy session. We’ll talk about your case and how we can help you before you head to traffic court or sign anything. To begin, reach out to your Clearwater stop sign ticket lawyer by calling 813-251-7291 or by completing the online form below.