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Clearwater Speeding Ticket FAQ

One moment, you’re having a pleasant drive. The next, you’ve been pulled over and ticketed for speeding

It’s a frustrating situation, but it’s one that a lawyer from Hersem Law can help with. If you have questions about your traffic violation, check out our Clearwater speeding ticket FAQ below and reach out to a lawyer at our firm. 

How many driving points will a speeding ticket net me? 

If you’re pulled over for a speeding ticket, the driving points you receive will depend on the speed and your location. For example, a speeding conviction on its own will leave you with three points. Driving more than 50 mph over the speed limit, however, can leave you with four points. Speeding in a work or school zone may also have more severe penalties.

What should I do if I’m pulled over for speeding in Clearwater? 

When you’re pulled over, it’s best to cooperate with the police officer, providing your license and registration when asked. Make sure you don’t admit fault, though. Instead, make sure you understand why the officer pulled you over, and talk to your lawyer at Hersem Law as soon as possible. 

Can I lose my driver’s license for speeding? 

Typically, you won’t lose your license in Florida just for speeding. However, other factors could lead to a license suspension. If you’re also accused of driving while intoxicated, for example, or if you have other convictions on your record, you could lose your license

What are my possible defenses for speeding? 

The defense we may use for your speeding ticket case will depend on the situation. For example, we may have to call the officer’s word into question. If they clocked your speed through pacing, which means they drove at the same speed you were driving, we may question their methods. We may also look at the maintenance records of the speed-measuring device used against you. 

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Without a lawyer from Hersem Law, it’s easy to end up with a conviction for your speeding ticket. While our Clearwater speeding ticket FAQ can answer some common questions, your lawyer at our firm can give you personalized guidance, starting with a free strategy session. To begin, call 813-251-7291 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.