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How Does the Florida Driving Points System Work?

If you’ve been ticketed for a traffic violation, the penalties might be first on your mind. You know that you’ll likely have fines, of course, but you might have also heard of driving points. 

How does the Florida driving points system work? You’ll need answers to understand the penalties you’re facing and hopefully avoid a conviction (which means no points). Luckily, your traffic ticket lawyer at Hersem Law can help you avoid points on your Florida driving record.

Effects of Florida Driving Points

A traffic ticket can net you a certain number of points, depending on the case. For example, most speeding tickets will put three points on your license, and reckless driving (a criminal offense) will put four points on your record. If you admit guilt by paying your ticket, or if you’re convicted by the Judge, those points will stay on your license for some time. 

If you rack up twelve points in twelve months, you’ll receive a license suspension. The same is true if you receive eighteen points in eighteen months or twenty-four points in thirty-six months. That means you won’t be able to drive for months after a conviction. That can hurt you, since your car may have been your best option for getting to work or school. Because of that, it’s important to avoid a traffic conviction with help from a lawyer at Hersem Law. 

More immediately (and possibly more importantly) you’ll want to avoid points because they allow your insurance company to increase your premiums.  By paying one simple traffic ticket you may be giving your insurance company the ability to charge you hundreds or even thousands more for your policy over the next few years.  That may not seem fair, but that is the reality of what happens when you get points on your license.

Removing Points from Your Driving Record in Florida

When your license is on the line and your money is at stake, it’s important to avoid the penalties and keep the driving points off your record. In most cases, a Hersem Law attorney can get your case dismissed or, if that’s not possible, a withhold of adjudication for your traffic offense. In either case, that means no points on your license, no suspension of your driving privilege, and no increase to your insurance costs.  

If you already paid your ticket or lost at court when you tried to handle the case on your own, a Hersem Law lawyer may be able to file a motion to reverse the points you received.  It’s always easiest to have us handle the case from the beginning, but we can typically help no matter what stage you’re in with your ticket.  

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Getting a traffic ticket is tough because the penalties could hurt your finances, your driving privileges, and your future. 

At Hersem Law, we understand that the Florida driving points system can be difficult to navigate. That’s why we offer free strategy sessions, during which we can discuss your case and help you avoid points on your license. 

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