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Clearwater Misdemeanor Lawyer

While a misdemeanor may not sound as serious as a felony, it can still impact your life. If you’re struggling to get your charges dropped, a Clearwater lawyer may be able to help you do so.

Dealing with an arrest of any kind is already difficult. You’re facing charges that could affect your future from the moment you’re arrested forward. While some of those charges may be more serious than others, you still need to fight back and get help defending yourself and your criminal case.

At Hersem Law, we understand how tough it can be to fight back when you’re accused of a misdemeanor in Clearwater. It’s especially tempting to accept your claim and move on, but unfortunately, that may be a mistake. Instead, contact your Clearwater misdemeanor lawyer for the help you need to recover.

Types of Florida Misdemeanors

When you’re charged with a misdemeanor in Clearwater, one of your first thoughts may be to feel relief that it wasn’t a felony. However, while the charges aren’t as serious, the penalties can still affect your life.

The major difference between a misdemeanor and a felony is the severity of the crime. For example, if you have a small amount of weed on your person, you may be facing a misdemeanor. However, larger amounts may warrant felony charges.

As such, you’ll need to understand the severity of your case, what misdemeanor you’re facing, and whether there are any circumstances that may worsen your case. For example, battery becomes a more serious charge if you have a deadly weapon with you.

The following are a few examples of misdemeanors in Florida:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Possession of marijuana
  • Domestic violence
  • Petty theft

Penalties for a Misdemeanor

Once you understand the type of case you’re dealing with, you’ll also need to understand how harsh the penalties may be. It’s often easy to dismiss how serious your misdemeanor case may be, so make sure you understand the penalties you could be facing before you make a decision about fighting back.

One of the most worrying penalties you may have on your mind is the jail time you could face. In Florida, misdemeanors could mean up to a year in jail. Even a month in jail can disrupt your life, so you’ll need to take action to avoid this.

You’ll also need to deal with the financial costs. A first-degree misdemeanor may cost you $1,000 in fines, making it even tougher to recover.

Because of these reasons, you’ll need to reach out for help from a Clearwater lawyer.

Contact a Clearwater Lawyer for Help

While a misdemeanor may not seem so bad compared to a felony charge, it can still affect your future. Unfortunately, it can be tough to recover and get your case dismissed. Luckily, that’s where your lawyer from Hersem Law comes in.

If you’re struggling with a Clearwater misdemeanor case, reach out for help. You’re accused of a serious crime, so you’ll need to act now. Begin with a strategy session, and we’ll show you how much a misdemeanor can affect your job or degree, your family, and your future.

Ready to fight back? Your Clearwater misdemeanor lawyer is waiting for you. Give us a call at 813-251-7291 or fill out the following online form for more information.