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Why Fight a Traffic Ticket in Florida?

When you receive a traffic ticket, you may think that paying the fine is the best way to make it go away. It may look like you were pulled over fairly and, besides, it’s your word against a police officer’s. However, this is almost never your best option, and you don’t want to miss your chance to avoid a conviction

Instead, you need to speak to a lawyer from Hersem Law about why to fight a traffic ticket in Florida. Your attorney understands what traffic ticket convictions can do to your record and can help you start defending your case. 

Fines and Penalties for Traffic Tickets

If you receive a traffic violation, your finances will likely suffer for it. Your first concern is likely the fine, which could add up to hundreds of dollars. That’s money you might not have to spare, leaving you to dip into your savings, give up some necessity, or suffer the consequences of failing to pay your ticket. 

Your insurance costs will suffer, as well. If you’re convicted of a traffic ticket, your insurance company will notice, and they’ll typically view that conviction as an opportunity to increase your premiums. This means you can expect higher payments for your policy. Worse, they might even cancel your policy, leaving you to find insurance that either costs more or may not provide the coverage you need. 

You Could Lose Your Florida Drivers License

Unfortunately, the penalties don’t end there. Instead, you may also face a suspension of your license due to an accumulation of points assessed to your record. While these may not affect your drivers license immediately, they can affect you over time. 

For example, if you receive twelve points over twelve months, your license could be suspended for thirty days. Eighteen points in eighteen months will mean a three-month suspension, and twenty-four points in thirty-six months will lead to a one-year suspension.

Losing your license makes your life much more difficult. Now, you might still be paying for your insurance and upkeep for your car, but you can’t use your vehicle. Instead, you’ll need to rely on family, friends, or public transportation to travel. That makes it embarrassing and difficult to do what you need to each day. 

That’s why it’s wise to fight your traffic ticket now. Even if you can afford the other consequences, losing your license isn’t as easy to deal with. A conviction could leave you facing more than economic penalties, so make sure you’re ready to dispute your ticket. 

Fight a Traffic Ticket with Help from a Qualified Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of a moving violation, it can be tempting to just accept the traffic ticket and pay the fine. Failing to fight back, however, might be the worst option for you. If you don’t act now, your future could be affected by your conviction. 

Instead, call a lawyer from Hersem Law to discuss why you should fight a traffic ticket in Florida. We understand how serious it can be to face these penalties. That’s why we offer free strategy sessions—that way, you understand the penalties and what you can do about them before you agree to anything. 

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