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What Do I Do if My License Is Suspended in Florida?

If you’re worried that your Florida drivers license is in danger of a suspension, it’s important to act fast to protect it. If your suspension is already in effect, you need to move quickly to get reinstated and drive legally. A Tampa suspended license lawyer at Hersem Law can help you protect your license and your future driving privileges.

Whether you’re a worker, a student, or just in charge of running errands, your license is a necessity. It gives you the privileges you need to travel from place to place. If you’ve recently been ticketed in Tampa, though, those privileges may not be safe. 

If you’re worried about losing your license, a Tampa suspended license lawyer on your side will be a big help. At Hersem Law, we recognize the importance of your drivers license, and we can help you protect your license when your traffic-related charges put it in danger. 

Reasons for a Drivers License Suspension

If your license is in danger in Tampa, you might need to focus on what you need to do to protect it. That means addressing the charges against you, which can vary. 

One reason your license may be in danger is because of driving points. These points on your license add up over time and if you accrue enough by pleading guilty or accepting the charges, it could lead to a license suspension. Your license may also be in danger for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to pay a traffic ticket
  • Failure to appear to a scheduled court date
  • Habitual traffic offender
  • Insurance cancellation
  • Civil judgment
  • DUI suspension

As part of a sentence, certain criminal offenses may also lead to a license suspension in Florida.

Defending Yourself with a Suspended License Attorney in Tampa

Once you’ve determined that your license is suspended or is likely going to be suspended, you’ll want to contact an experienced attorney at Hersem Law to give you the best chance to avoid those penalties. Sometimes this means getting a better result in court for your current charge, or sometimes it may be able to be handled without a court date at all. A conviction can be devastating, but in some cases, your lawyer at Hersem Law can give you a chance to avoid the penalties. 

Once you’ve found the right defense for your suspension, your Hersem Law traffic attorney can then help you fight to regain your privileges, whether that means going to court or the DMV. We can help you use evidence and build a proper defense in the Tampa courtroom. 

Connect with a Tampa Suspended License Attorney

Losing your license could affect your ability to do most or all of the normal, everyday things you do regularly. Unfortunately, it can also be tough to fight back alone. You might not have the resources you need to find the right defense for your case. 

At Hersem Law, we understand that you’re facing a tough situation and we want to help you through this difficult time. That’s why we offer free strategy sessions; we understand how tough it can be to recover after a license suspension, and we’re ready to help. 

To get started, get a Tampa suspended license lawyer on your side so you can learn more about your case and get ready to act now. Reach out by calling 813-251-7291 or by filling out the online form below.