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Tampa Stop Sign Ticket Lawyer

Dealing with a Tampa moving violation can be frustrating and expensive, whether you’re thinking of pleading guilty or seeking driving school. Instead of being convicted and accepting the penalties, fight back by contacting a stop sign ticket lawyer about your situation.

When you’re on the road, you might be especially careful to follow the rules, stop at every light, and always look both ways before you cross the street. Unfortunately, you might still see flashing lights in your rearview mirror anyway.

Now you’ve been given a ticket for running a stop sign in Tampa, and you need to fight back. At Hersem Law, we understand how frustrating these cases can be, and often, it seems easier to just accept the charges. A Tampa stop sign ticket lawyer, however, can help you defend your case and fight to have your charges reduced or dropped.

Stop Sign Tickets Are Costly

After your stop, your first thought might be to just pay the ticket and get the situation over with. Unfortunately, a stop sign ticket can cost you, especially over time. As you probably know, you’ll need to pay a fine, which may be more than you’d like, but did you know your monthly auto insurance costs can increase as a result of your ticket? That can make driving prohibitively expensive for you.

The Florida driving points system can also hurt you. Every Florida moving violation is worth a certain number of points, which are placed on your license. At first, these points might not affect you. Over time, however, these points can add up and leave you with a suspended license. That’s why you’re smart to focus on defending yourself from a ticket charge, rather than accepting the consequences and hoping to move on.

Finding the Right Defense

When your day in traffic court arrives, then, you’ll need to be prepared to defend your case and get your charges dropped. How that will be done, however, will depend on your case details. You’ll need to speak to your Tampa attorney about the best approach to your unique stop sign ticket case.

For example, you might need to return to the site where you were pulled over and take photos of the location. In some cases, the stop sign may be obscured by trees or bushes, or it may simply not be there at all. In these cases, you may not have known to stop, which may be grounds to dismiss your case.

Before you head to traffic court, you and your lawyer can take some time to find the best defense for your case. Driving school or pleading guilty may seem easier, but avoiding the ticket now can help you in the future.  

Speak to a Stop Sign Ticket Lawyer in Tampa

When you’ve been given a stop sign ticket in Tampa, you may need to act quickly to defend yourself and see if you can get your charges dismissed. You could suffer from high expenses and points on your record that will hurt you in the long run, so you’ll need to be prepared to take action and fight back.

Fortunately, a Tampa traffic ticket lawyer from Hersem Law can help with that. With an attorney on your side, you’ll have the tools and resources you need to seek evidence and fight back, starting with a free strategy session. If you’re struggling with your ticket, you’ll need to simply reach out to a Tampa stop sign ticket lawyer. Get started by calling 813-251-7291 or by filling out the online form below.