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How to Beat a DUI in Florida

When you’re arrested for driving under the influence, it can be embarrassing and expensive. A DUI is a serious offense, and it could mean driving classes, a license suspension, or even jail or prison time for you. You want to avoid those consequences, but you don’t know how to beat a DUI in Florida. So, what can you do?

Before you defend your case, you’ll need to speak with a DUI attorney from Hersem Law. Our attorneys understand how serious the consequences can be for a DUI, and we know how difficult it can be to recover from one. Fortunately, we’ll have the tools you need for a full recovery.

Questioning Your Tests

While you might think of failing a breath test as the end of your defense, these tests aren’t perfect. Your blood alcohol content (BAC) can be affected by many factors, and often, a breath test doesn’t give an accurate portrait of your BAC. For example, if you were sick or have a condition like acid reflux, your results may be worse because of the alcohol content in your mouth, not in your bloodstream.

Time, diets, and conditions like diabetes can also affect these readings. If you have any of these factors in your situation, your lawyer may argue that the results simply can’t be trusted because of this.

Before you plead guilty, remember that field sobriety tests are fallible. While the results are admissible in court, there’s a chance that they were affected by many factors during your stop, sobriety tests, and arrest. If there’s suspicion that your test results were inaccurate, your lawyer will likely focus on that.

No Probable Cause

In some DUI cases, the officer shouldn’t have stopped you at all. They need reasonable suspicion that you were driving drunk, and they’ll need probable cause to arrest you. This means that if they didn’t have cause to arrest you, you may have your charges dismissed.

Here’s how it should work. An officer with probable cause might have pulled you over because you ran a red light, but they then observed other factors that seemed to indicate you were driving under the influence. In these cases, they may have probable cause to pull you over.

In some drunk driving cases, though, they may not. While they may have spotted you weaving within your own lane, they may not have enough reason to pull you over. If your lawyer chooses to argue this, they will attempt to show that you shouldn’t have been pulled over to begin with.

Get a Lawyer on Your Side

While getting pulled over for drunk driving might seem like a hopeless situation, a good attorney knows how to beat a DUI in Florida. At Hersem Law, we’ve seen many people pulled over and arrested who shouldn’t have been, and we’re ready to fight back for you, too.

We understand how distressing a DUI charge can be, but with our help, you may be able to get those charges dropped. Starting with a strategy session, your lawyer will review your Florida DUI case and help you prepare the best defense.

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