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Tampa Public Intoxication Lawyer

Facing accusations of being publicly intoxicated? Fight to get your charges dropped with help from a Tampa attorney.

If you’ve been in town during a UT or USF football game, chances are good that you’ve seen a few people who may have tailgated a little too hard. Unfortunately, now you may have been accused of the same thing, and you’re facing public intoxication charges.

These charges can be serious, so it’s important to take your case seriously now and fight to get your case dismissed. That’s not always easy, however, which means you’ll need to fight back with assistance from a Tampa public intoxication lawyer.

At Hersem Law, we understand how difficult it can be to fight back, so seek out a lawyer to help you with your case.

Consequences for Public Intoxication

When you’re accused of public intoxication, you’ll need to understand the consequences. In some cases, you might be sent home to “sober up.” If you’re arrested, however, you’ll need to know what to expect from you case.

Public intoxication is a second-degree misdemeanor in Florida, which means you could face jail time and high fines. While a maximum sentence of ninety days may not seem like a long time, it can significantly disrupt your life, especially if you have children, a job, or classes.

The fines may haunt you as well. You could be paying up to $250, which might be money that you simply don’t have to spare for your charges. That can put you in debt or leave you struggling to keep your other bills up to date. If this isn’t your first offense, you may even be committed to rehab for up to sixty days.

Defending Your Public Intoxication Case

When you’re facing public intoxication charges, you’ll need to choose the best defense for your case. The specific defense your Tampa lawyer will help you build will depend on your situation.

For example, you might believe that because no harm was done, you shouldn’t be charged with public intoxication. In this case, you may provide evidence that you weren’t doing anything to harm any person or property.

In other cases, you may believe that you were unfairly arrested. For example, you might have been drinking in your home or otherwise on your own property. Then, the police may have ordered you off your property before arresting you. Since each case is different, however, you’ll need to contact your Tampa defense attorney for the specific defense your intoxication case needs.

Seek a Tampa Lawyer for Legal Help

If you’ve been accused of public intoxication, you’ll need to prepare a strong defense to get your case dropped in Tampa. Unfortunately, that can be difficult to do without help. You may not have the experience or time to prepare your case. Fortunately, you don’t have to prepare your case alone.

Instead, you can seek out help from the lawyers at Hersem Law. We understand how difficult preparing for a public intoxication case can be, and we want to help you successfully get your case dismissed.

When you’re ready to fight back, your Tampa public intoxication lawyer can help. Get started with a free strategy session by calling 813-251-7291 or by completing the online form below to get started.

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