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Tampa Cocaine Lawyer

When you’re arrested for crimes involving cocaine, you’ll need to act quickly to protect your case and work to get your charges dismissed. Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to do so with an attorney’s help.

Drug use is a serious crime in Florida and throughout the United States, and many people are becoming more concerned about the use and abuse of these drugs. Unfortunately, that means you may have been arrested because you were accused of offenses related to cocaine.

Cocaine-related offenses are especially tough to understand because you’re dealing with laws on both the state and federal level. As such, you may need a Tampa cocaine lawyer on your side.

At Hersem Law, we focus on all the laws that will affect your case so we can help you defend yourself from your criminal charges. We’re here to help you fight back, so reach out today for help.

Laws on Cocaine

Cocaine-related offenses are serious because, even in small amounts, you’re facing felony drug charges. That means you’ll be facing possible years in prison and high fines, and that’s only for possession of small amounts. More serious crimes could lead to life imprisonment.

The least-severe charge you might face in Tampa is possession, a third-degree felony. This charge means that you had less than twenty-eight grams of cocaine in your possession, and the penalties are harsh. You might lose five years of freedom because of these charges, not to mention thousands of dollars for your fines, so you’ll need to fight back before a conviction.

Anything over twenty-eight grams is considered trafficking, which is a major offense. Your sentencing will depend on the amount you’re charged with being in possession of. For example, if you’re found with more than two hundred grams of cocaine, you could face seven years in jail and $100,000 in fines.

Defenses for a Cocaine Offense

Once you’ve been accused of such severe charges, you’ll need to fight back as soon as possible. Fortunately, your Tampa lawyer can help you find the right defense for your case.

While each case is unique, a common defense is that the cocaine simply isn’t yours. For example, you may have a roommate who stashed illegal substances in your home, and you happened to be the one arrested for the crime.

In other cases, you may feel that the police officers didn’t meet proper search procedures. For example, if you were pulled over for a routine stop, but they searched your car and even forced your trunk open, that evidence may not be usable in court.

Seek a Dismissal with a Tampa Defense Lawyer

When you’re accused of possession, sale, or trafficking of such a serious drug, you’ll need to fight back to avoid the severe charges you could face. Cocaine is a serious drug in both state and federal laws, so fighting back is important.

However, that’s tough to do when it’s your word against a law enforcement officer’s. Because of this, it’s important to have a drug defense lawyer from Hersem Law on your side. We understand how dire your charges are, and we’ll help you fight back to avoid a conviction.

When you’re ready to fight back, call a Tampa cocaine lawyer and get your free strategy session about your case. To begin, call 813-251-7291 or fill out the following online form.