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Florida Controlled Substance Laws

Every state has unique laws about controlled substances that will affect your case. Unfortunately, if you don’t understand Florida controlled substance laws after you’re arrested, it can be tough to defend yourself and get your drug case dismissed.

As such, you’ll need help understanding the laws about controlled substances, and a lawyer from Hersem Law can help with that. They’ll review your case, discuss the laws affecting you, and help you fight your charges.

What Are the Different Schedules?

You’ll first need to keep in mind that the different schedules can affect your case, but what does that mean? These categories sort different types of controlled substances based on their medicinal use and their potential for abuse.

At the highest point, or Schedule I, you have dangerous drugs with both a high potential for addiction and no medical uses. For example, heroin and ecstasy are both Schedule I drugs with no medical uses, and as such, they’re especially restricted.

At the lowest point are the Schedule V drugs. While these drugs have some potential for abuse, these often have low levels of narcotics with a medicinal purpose. Medications like Robitussin and Lyrica fall into this group.

If you’ve been accused of a crime involving controlled substances in Florida, the schedule of the drugs in question can affect your defense. For example, you might have a prescription for Xanax, a Schedule IV drug, but charges involving Schedule I drugs may require a different approach.  

Laws Affecting Your FL Drug Case

When you’ve been accused of a crime relating to controlled substances in Tampa, the evidence they have against you will be as important as knowing what schedule the drug falls in. Florida requires a certain level of proof from the prosecution before you’re convicted. If you and your attorney can defend you against this proof, you may be able to get your drug charges dropped.

The prosecution has the burden of proof to show that you were involved with the manufacture or sale of illicit substances. That evidence may include videos, photographs, and other evidence that can be used to show that you were involved. However, if they can’t provide enough evidence to support their case, your charges may be dropped.

Even if they do have evidence that you were involved, they’ll also need to show you knew that you were dealing with controlled substances. For example, if you were pulled over and they found controlled substances in your trunk, they’ll need to prove you knew about them. You may have been driving a friend’s car, for example, and didn’t know about the drugs.

Seek Help for Controlled Substance Charges

Depending on the details of your case, you may have a chance to avoid your charges instead of facing harsh penalties that can impact your future. To do that, though, you’ll likely need to understand Florida controlled substance laws before you begin.

Fortunately, our Tampa criminal defense lawyers at Hersem Law can help you take action. If you’re not familiar with the Florida laws affecting your case, you’ll need someone on your side who does understand the laws. Starting with a free strategy session, we can help you understand your case and prepare for your court date.

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