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When you’re facing probation, you’ll need to understand your rights and protect your opportunity for probation. If you’re concerned that your probation might be revoked, speak to a Tampa attorney about defending your case.

If part of your sentence includes probation or parole, it may be important to you to protect that part of your freedom. You may have spent years in jail, so it’s important to protect the freedom you now have, even if it does have restrictions and limits. Unfortunately, there are things that can jeopardize that freedom, too.

If you’re concerned about protecting your probation rights, seek out a defense lawyer from Hersem Law. Your Tampa probation lawyer can help you understand your case and protect your rights.  

Differences between Probation and Parole

If you’re first being sentenced, you might be unsure what the difference is between parole and probation and what these types of limited freedom mean for you.

If you’re able to be released on probation, chances are good that this opportunity was granted with your conviction. Probation is typically decided in the initial sentencing, so you know at the beginning of your sentencing if you’ll receive probation.

Parole, however, is usually granted later on based on the convicted person’s behavior while in jail. As such, you can be granted parole for good behavior, but you can only be granted probation if the judge decided to offer it when you were first convicted in Tampa.

Probation Can Be Revoked

Unfortunately, just because the judge granted you probation doesn’t mean that you’re completely free. Probation is conditional, and if you’re caught doing something that violates your probation, you could be sent back to jail to serve the rest of your sentence.

Unfortunately, being caught violating a condition of your probation can be serious, leading to a hearing that may require less proof that you violated your probation than your initial court date. While your conviction must be decided with evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt,” your hearing will only need to prove that you were more likely than not to have committed the violation.

That’s why you’ll need to speak to a Tampa attorney before your hearing. Your probation could be completely revoked, leaving you back in prison, if you don’t fight back against these claims. Fortunately, a lawyer can help you defend yourself against claims that you violated your probation.

Protect Your Freedom with Help from a Probation Lawyer

Probation can give you a chance to rejoin your loved ones and be free from prison. While you won’t have all the same freedoms you once enjoyed, you can recover and have some time with your family. Unfortunately, those freedoms can be revoked, too.

To protect your chances for freedom, reach out to Hersem Law for help. We can help you fight back when you’re facing a possible loss of your probation privileges. If you’re concerned about your upcoming hearing, reach out for a free strategy session with an attorney. We’ll review what we can do for you and how we’ll help you fight back.

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