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While some people are laid back about underage drinking, Florida laws aren’t so relaxed. You might have been caught in possession of alcohol while younger than twenty-one, which could lead to harsh penalties.

If you or your child have been accused of possession of alcohol as a minor, call an attorney from Hersem Law for help. Your Tampa minor in possession lawyer from our firm can help you protect yourself from the penalties a conviction could bring. 

Penalties for a Minor in Possession Conviction in Florida

If you’re facing a minor in possession (also known as MIP) conviction, you could also be facing harsh penalties. You’re young, so you might be concerned about having a criminal record before you even earn a college degree or enter the workforce. 

An MIP conviction could impact you for years. For a first offense, minors convicted of possession of alcohol in Tampa will have a second-degree misdemeanor on their record. This means you could be fined up to $500, spend six months on probation, and serve up to sixty days in jail.

A second or subsequent conviction is a first-degree misdemeanor, which includes a $1,000 fine, twelve months of probation, up to a year in jail, and up to two years without a driver’s license. Because these penalties are so harsh, it’s helpful to fight back now in order to protect yourself. A Tampa minor in possession attorney from Hersem Law can help.

How a Tampa Minor in Possession Attorney Can Fight Your Charges

When you’ve been accused of underage drinking, you can use one of many possible defenses to protect yourself. 

For example, police might have misidentified a substance or smell as alcohol. What might have looked or smelled like alcohol might have been something different. Health conditions like diabetes or hypoglycemia can also leave you with the smell of alcohol on your breath even if you haven’t been drinking. Maybe the police officer didn’t have the necessary probable cause to search you and/or the cup in your possession. If so, we may be able to suppress that evidence and stop the State from moving forward.

These aren’t your only options for a defense against alcohol possession charges. Your lawyer from our Tampa law firm will tailor your defense to your unique circumstances.

Reach out to your Tampa MIP attorney at Hersem Law. We can review what happened, answer your questions, and build your defense before representing you in court. 

Reach Out to a Tampa MIP Attorney

If you’re under twenty-one, a minor in possession offense is a serious charge that can impact your future. Jail time is a real possibility, and it’s best to seek a reduced sentence or a dismissal before you’re convicted. 

At Hersem Law, we know that it can be scary to be charged with a criminal offense as a minor. If you’re the parent of a minor accused of possession of alcohol, you may also be concerned about your child’s well-being and future. That’s why we offer free strategy sessions, where we can talk about your options to fight your criminal charge

When you’re ready for your session, give your Tampa minor in possession lawyer a call at 813-251-7291, or contact us through the online form below.