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Felony charges are the most severe charges you could face, and they can alter your life completely. Don’t just accept years or decades of your life in jail—fight back with a Tampa defense attorney.

When you’re charged with any crime, there’s a chance that you’ll end up with hefty fines and severe consequences. Unfortunately, some crimes are especially serious. Now, you might have been accused of a felony, which puts your future in jeopardy far more than, say, a misdemeanor charge in Florida might.

Unfortunately, felonies can be tough to deal with in Florida. You’re facing serious charges, and if you don’t fight back, some crimes come with life sentences. That’s why you need to find a Tampa felony lawyer as soon as possible.

A felony is a tough crime to deal with, and at Hersem Law, our Tampa criminal lawyer understands that. If you’re struggling to deal with your felony charges, we can help you fight back and get those charges dropped.

Felony Charges and Consequences

When you’re accused of a felony, understanding the penalties you’re facing is an important step. It can be tough to understand the magnitude of a second-degree felony, for example, without understanding how many years a conviction will leave you in jail. You might feel like you’ve already been caught, so why fight? Understanding how serious the penalties are can get you moving in the right direction.

The penalties for a felony charge range widely, but you can expect to receive a prison sentence and a fine, depending on the crime. This fine and sentence will be decided based on the upper limit of the felony charge.

For example, a third-degree felony will leave you with up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. While that doesn’t mean you’ll receive such a high sentence, you could. Unfortunately, felony-related penalties go up all the way to a life sentence, with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line.  

Penalties after Your Release

Worse, things may not be better once you’re released from prison. Instead, you might find yourself no longer in trouble, but now with a record. If the accusations are violent crimes, this can be even worse. Because your convictions are on a public record, your record might be used against you.

For example, you might be looking for a job following your release from prison. Unfortunately, the jobs in your field might not accept convicted felons, leaving you without work to better yourself and your situation. The same thing may happen in your housing search: Your record can be searched by landlords, and they may not accept tenants with a criminal record.

Even your family life can be affected. Because felonies are so serious, you might find yourself separated from your children during a custody battle. Because of your charges, you might not be deemed suitable as a parent, leaving you unable to live with your children. As such, the direct and indirect penalties are dire, and you’ll need to fight back as soon as possible.  

Don’t Defend Yourself Alone

When dealing with your Tampa felony case, you might be considering defending yourself without getting the help of a lawyer. Whether you’re considering this option because you don’t believe you have a chance or because you think it’s an easy case, you could lose your opportunity for freedom.

When you choose to defend yourself, you’re not taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of a felony lawyer. While you might have some information about your case, you don’t have the experience that a defense attorney can offer.

Worse, you won’t have the respect they will have. A defense attorney may be well-respected by the court for their knowledge. As the person on trial, however, they won’t give you the same consideration. Fighting back alone limits your options for getting your case dismissed, unfortunately, when you should be protecting your case.

Speak to a Tampa Felony Attorney

Instead of trying to fight back on your own, reach out for the help you need. It can be tough to recover from a felony conviction, so you’ll need to take action now to do what you can to have your charges dropped or at least reduced. That’s tough to do alone, so you’ll need a felony lawyer from Hersem Law.

Our Tampa attorneys understand that fighting back after a felony charge is tough, but we’ll give your case the attention it needs. We understand that this is a difficult, frightening time, but we’re here to help.

If you’ve been charged with a felony in Tampa, Florida, and you’re concerned about your case, reach out for help and schedule a strategy session with us. We’ll discuss your case and what we can do to defend you. When you’re ready, then, you can get started with a Tampa felony lawyer. Reach out by calling 813-251-7291 or by completing the online form below.