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Tampa Arrest Lawyer

An arrest is embarrassing at best, and at worst, it can be frightening and upsetting. Make your arrest as easy as possible by seeking out a lawyer in Tampa to help you with your case.

When you’ve been accused of a crime, chances are good that a warrant is out for your arrest. Unfortunately, that means an arrest can happen at any time. You might be pulled over for a routine stop, at work, or simply at home when you’re arrested. That can be a scary, traumatic prospect for many people.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a painful or difficult process. With a lawyer from Hersem Law on your case, you’ll have a chance to make the arrest process easy and to do what’s possible to get your charges reduced or dropped. A Tampa arrest lawyer can be the key to a short, simple arrest process so you can focus on your defense instead of worrying about making a scene or being publicly shamed.

The Arrest Process in Tampa

In Tampa, the arrest process begins when a judge puts out an arrest warrant or bench warrant for you. These warrant types have the same function, in that they’re both there to authorize an arrest, but they’re given for different reasons. A bench warrant may specifically be issued when you don’t appear before the judge, for example.

Once the warrant has been issued by a judge, you’ll need to talk with your lawyer about your situation and your possible arrest. They’ll contact the police on your behalf, letting them know where you are and helping negotiate a quiet arrest, hopefully.

Once you’ve been arrested, you’ll then be taken in to be booked. They’ll put your information into the system, including fingerprints, personal information, and details about your arrest. Once this information is in the system, your bail will be posted.

Typically, your bail amount will depend on the severity and violence of your alleged crime. In cases where they believe you might try to run away or you might harm someone again, you may not be offered bail. If you are, however, you may need someone to post it so you can be released and get started on your case from the comfort of your home. Your lawyer can help you post bail.

How a Lawyer Can Help

Being arrested is a difficult process, and handling it alone isn’t easy. You’ll need to deal with the police, prepare to be taken to the police station, and have your bail ready. If not, you might be arrested in front of your peers and kept in a cell for some time.

That’s why you’ll need a Tampa arrest attorney on your side before you’re arrested. You likely want the arrest process to be as quick and easy as possible, and you don’t want to wait in a cell for long. Fortunately, a Tampa criminal defense lawyer can help streamline the process and make it easier on you.

Talk to a Tampa Arrest Attorney

When you could be arrested soon, you’ll need to contact a lawyer from Hersem Law as soon as possible. You’ll need someone on your side to ease the struggles of an arrest in order to make the process easier on you.

Starting with a free strategy session, your Tampa arrest lawyer can help. We can give you the resources you need to deal with an arrest and prepare for your criminal trial. You can also look over our Tampa criminal defense FAQs. To begin, reach out to us by calling 813-251-7291 or by completing the online form below.