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Plea Bargaining: What to Expect

A plea bargain may be difficult for you to take, but in some circumstances, it may be the right decision. A plea bargain happens when a defendant pleads guilty or no contest to charges under certain conditions.

However, you do not want to take a plea bargain without the right legal team by your side. With a Tampa Bay area defense attorney at Hersem Law working with you, we will make sure you’re not led down the wrong path.

Why Take a Plea Bargain?

Florida law states that a defendant may choose to take a plea bargain because it is a lesser sentence on the defendant’s criminal record. If you are ever charged with another offense, it looks better to have a guilty plea or no contest plea on your criminal record than a conviction. 

During many trials, the prosecuting attorney and defense attorney are encouraged by the judge to discuss possible pleas that may be entered by a defendant. The defendant will be present in the discussion. Though you may choose to represent yourself as a defendant, a defense lawyer can help you follow the right procedures in court and take action that helps your case. 

Our team can advise you on any questions you have, as well as any decisions you may want to make, but we will not make a decision without your consent. If you’re unsure how to plea for your case, your lawyer can discuss your options and make sure you know what to expect before your court date. 

Three Types of Plea Bargains

There are three main types of plea bargains, but without a defense attorney’s help, you may not know what route to take to help your case. When faced with a difficult situation, it is ideal to have a Tampa Bay attorney at Hersem Law on your side. The three types of plea bargains are as follows:

  • Charge Bargaining One of the more common types of bargaining, this plea bargain occurs when the defendant pleads to a lesser charge in return for dismissing more serious charges.
  • Sentence Bargaining This plea bargain occurs when the defendant pleads to a lesser charge in return for dismissing more serious charges, but only the potential sentence changes.
  • Fact Bargaining The least common type of bargaining, this plea bargain occurs when the defendant agrees to admit certain facts to keep other facts from being turned into evidence.

By knowing which plea bargain is best for your case, our defense attorneys can help you get the best outcome possible.

Let a Tampa Bay Defense Attorney Help You Make the Right Call

The consequences of any legal case may be difficult, but you can trust your defense attorney at Hersem Law to help you achieve the best outcome possible. We’re here to fight for you and let you decide your outcome.

If you’re ready to speak with an attorney, reach out for a free strategy session, where we can discuss your case and how we can help. To get started, call 813-251-7291 or fill out the following online contact form.