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Do I Need a Lawyer to Clear a Warrant in Florida?

Finding that you have a warrant out for your arrest can be traumatic. Your future is on the line, and now you may be struggling to face your Florida case. 

An arrest can happen at any time, so that leaves many people asking one thing: Do I need a lawyer to clear a warrant in Florida? You can always surrender yourself in jail, but that’s not your best option. You may have a high bond or a $0 bond hold attached to your warrant, and if so, you may find yourself stuck in jail after you turn yourself in. Ignoring the warrant could lead to you being arrested at work, in public, or at an inconvenient time.

Hiring an attorney is likely the simplest, easiest way to clear a warrant in Florida. A Tampa criminal lawyer from Hersem Law can give you the guidance and advice you need to get your warrant cleared. 

How to Clear Your Warrant

For felony warrants, your lawyer may be able to help you organize a discreet arrest. That way, you can deal with the booking and bail process as quickly and with as little embarrassment as possible. 

If you believe your warrant was improperly issued, you may be able to fight back from there, too. Your lawyer can review the details of your case, and, if something was mishandled for your case, you might have a chance to get your warrant cleared without going to court. 

How Your Lawyer Can Help

If you’re arrested, you may need help posting your bail and getting released before your next court date. Your attorney at Hersem Law can guide you through this process. We can also give you different options for filing a motion with the judge to have the warrant removed or recalled, or you may qualify for use of the self-arrest program, depending on which county you’re in.

While these won’t be available for felony offenses, there are other ways a lawyer from Hersem Law can help, so your first option should be to call us and hear your options.

Working with an attorney makes this process easier. We may even be able to help you resolve lesser charges or a failure to appear without a court visit, so reach out for help before you begin. 

Seek Out a Florida Warrant Lawyer for Help

Is there a warrant out for your arrest in Florida? Speak with a lawyer from Hersem Law. While you might be asking whether you need a lawyer to clear a warrant in Florida, the truth is that in almost all cases, an attorney from our firm can help you. Get started now with a free strategy session, and we’ll discuss what we can do to clear your Florida warrant. 

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