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St. Petersburg Traffic Ticket FAQ

If you’ve been pulled over and given a ticket, you’re probably frustrated and confused. We can help with the frustration by fighting your ticket for you. And we can help with the confusion by answering some of your questions in the St. Petersburg traffic ticket FAQ below.

For answers about your unique situation, call our firm. An experienced traffic ticket lawyer from Hersem Law can get you all the answers you need. 

How much will my traffic ticket cost? 

The cost of your traffic ticket depends on the type of ticket you’re dealing with and the details of your unique situation. For example, a ticket for speeding may have different fines than a ticket for failing to stop at a red light. 

Traffic tickets in Florida can cost hundreds of dollars in fines. But keep in mind that the cost of increased auto insurance premiums as a result of your ticket is likely to far outweigh the initial fine you’ll pay. That’s why it’s so important to call a Hersem Law attorney who can help you fight your ticket.

What are driving points? 

If you’re convicted of a moving violation, that violation will put points on your driving record. Those points can add up over time. If you receive twelve points in twelve months, your license could be suspended. It can also be suspended at eighteen points in eighteen months and twenty-four points in thirty-six months. 

How can I fight my St. Petersburg ticket? 

When you’re accused of a traffic violation in St. Petersburg, fighting your ticket means finding the right lawyer. Representing yourself and leaving your case up to free advice on the internet is likely to end badly for you. 

An attorney from Hersem Law can instead take a personalized look at your case, ensuring that you have the tools and resources to fight the traffic ticket you’re facing. 

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