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St. Petersburg Careless Driving Lawyer

If you’ve been ticketed for careless driving, acting now is more important than you may realize. Reach out for help from a St. Petersburg careless driving attorney.

When you’re on the road, you likely aren’t expecting any trouble. You just want to get to your destination without any interruptions. Unfortunately, you might have been pulled over and ticketed for careless driving. You might not be sure what this charge means, let alone how it could affect your future. Avoiding it won’t make it go away. 

Fortunately, you still have the chance to dispute the violation with the help of a St. Petersburg careless driving lawyer from Hersem Law. We can examine the details of your case and help you move forward. 

Penalties for Careless Driving 

Careless driving may not sound as severe as some other traffic violations, but the consequences can have severe effects on your day-to-day life—especially when paired with an additional infraction, such as speeding.

For example, your insurance company may note that you were convicted on a careless driving ticket, which can result in increased insurance premiums for years after the event. On top of fines, you could be looking at long-term financial strain from one little ticket. 

If you are convicted, you’ll also face three points on your license, or possibly more under certain circumstances. Driving points add up over time and, eventually, you could lose your license, leaving you unable to get around St. Petersburg on your own.

Careless Driving Is Not Reckless Driving

“Reckless driving” and “careless driving” may sound like the same thing, but under Florida law, they’re very different.

Basically, here is the difference: Careless driving is a civil offense; reckless driving is a criminal offense. For you, that means a difference in the potential penalties. 

A careless driving ticket in St. Petersburg can lead to points on your license, a monetary fine, and raised insurance costs. Reckless driving, on the other hand, is punishable by jail time.

The good news is that an attorney from Hersem Law can help you with either type of infraction.

Defending Yourself in Florida Traffic Court

When you’re accused of careless driving, your defense often depends on the details of your case. Careless driving can cover many actions, such as driving distracted or dangerous lane charges, so you and your Hersem Law careless driving lawyer will need to review the details to build a viable defense.

Often, showing that you weren’t acting carelessly (despite the police officer’s statements) is key. The best option for you often depends on the details of your case, and Hersem Law is prepared to build a strong defense for you. Even if the facts are against us and you don’t have a full defense to show you were innocent, we can still help you in a huge way by negotiating a favorable outcome on your behalf.  Avoiding a conviction could mean saving you thousands of dollars over the next few years.

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After receiving a careless driving ticket, you might be concerned about your future. Fortunately, your attorney from Hersem Law can help. 

When you’re struggling with a ticket, you’re looking to reduce or dismiss the violation. Defending yourself alone can be overwhelming, and you might not have the experience or tools necessary to fight your ticket. Fortunately, we can help, starting with a free strategy session to discuss the details of your case. 

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