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How Do I Get a Traffic Ticket Dismissed in Florida?


A police officer stopped you the other day and cited you with a ticket for a traffic violation. You’ve probably heard that it’s possible to get tickets dismissed, but you don’t know where to start or who to talk to.

A traffic ticket, even for a first-timer, can have far-reaching effects on a driver. Admitting to the violation will increase points on your driving record, causing possible suspension of your license, increased auto insurance premiums, and hefty court fines.

The only way to lessen or avoid these penalties in Florida is by fighting to get the traffic ticket reduced or dismissed. How do you do it, and why is partnering with a traffic ticket lawyer powerful for your case?

What Are My Options After Getting a Traffic Ticket?

Failure to act and ignoring the ticket could lead to late fees, additional fines, and even an automatic suspension of your drivers license. A driver who’s cited with a traffic ticket has generally three options to deal with the situation.

You could:

Pay the Ticket

You may think the easiest way out after receiving a ticket is to pay the fines and move on with your life. After all, who wants to spend endless hours in court fighting a violation?

Unfortunately, doing so means admitting to the traffic violation charges, getting points on your license, and allowing your insurance company to use those points against you to increase your premiums. This can end up costing you thousands of dollars over the next few years.

Take a Driving Course

State laws allow persons cited with a traffic charge to elect to take a driver improvement course in exchange for no points on their driving record. However, you still have to pay the fines for your citation and you have no chance of getting your ticket dismissed. Additionally, you only get one of these elections in a twelve-month period and only five in your lifetime.

Depending on the type of ticket you received, this may be a good option for you. However, it’s typically best to save your selections as a safety net for when you really need them.

Contest the Ticket in Court

The only way to get your traffic ticket dismissed in Florida is by contesting the charges in court. Here, you’ll be challenging the officer’s allegations by presenting evidence that shows otherwise or finding loopholes in their argument, ideally with legal help from an attorney.

How a Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Defend You

A traffic ticket attorney from Hersem Law is your best bet for getting your ticket dismissed. We’ll work to do so by raising defenses to weaken the charges, depending on your case.

Some examples of such defenses could include:

  • Your actions on the road were necessary to prevent harm.
  • The officer didn’t witness the alleged infraction.
  • The officer or other witnesses can’t identify you.
  • The citation has major technical errors or other fatal flaws.
  • The wrong statute was cited.
  • The speed measuring device hasn’t been properly maintained.

Contact a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Florida

Traffic violations are harshly looked upon because drivers who are found guilty are not only endangering their lives but those of other road users. To get your traffic ticket dismissed in Florida, you’ll need to contest the charges in court. Don’t risk your chances of a win by representing yourself when fighting a ticket.

Instead, speak with a traffic ticket attorney from Hersem Law to build a defense strategy that aims to dismiss or reduce the charges. Schedule a free strategy session by calling 813-251-7291 or completing the quick contact form below.